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Can't be answered without a detailed description of all markings, finish, condition, accessories, box, papers, etc..

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Q: What is a 25 Browning auto with German proof marks worth?
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How many dollars were 115 German Marks worth in 1957?


How much is a 500000 German mark worth?

As of today, the German mark is no longer in use as Germany adopted the euro in 2002. At the time of conversion, 1 euro was equivalent to 1.95583 German marks. Therefore, 500,000 German marks would have been worth approximately 255,000 euros.

How many German Marks were equivalent to US dollars during World War 2?

During WWII, German coins & currency were highly produced, just as they were here in the U.S., which make just about all of it common and worth very little. If you can be more specific as to what you have, perhaps we can be more specific as to what it's worth.

What is value of 1957 Lincoln penny?

about ten cents in both p and d mint marks unless it is proof then it is worth about four dollars.

What is my Browning Model 1922 Pistol worth your grandfather took it from a German officer in World War 2 Great condition?

50-1000 usd

What is worth of Browning 1157 pistol?

No such model made by Browning.

What is your browning A-500g in excellent condition worth?

A Browning A-500g shotgun in excellent condition is worth about 900 dollars.

What is 20000 German Marks worth in us dollars?

It would depend on the date and condition of the note. In anything but very good condition, it is probably worthless.

How much is a 1979 German 2 pfennig worth in us dollars?

The 1979 German 2 Pfennig is worth about 2 dollars depending on its condition. Some of these coins can be more valuable including the 5 Pfennig coin.

How much is a browning worth?

Impossible to answer without a detailed description of the Browning you are referring to.

What is 1959 proof set worth?

We need to know which US coins, qty each and mint marks on each to answer, You do not have to define proofs. ----- The price varies according to the market. As of 2012-07-25, PCGS lists it as: 1959 Proof Set: $30

What is a 1915 New England westinghouse rifle worth?

I beleave it's worth around the same as mine. Igave 95 dollars for mine and it does have proof barrel marks. also it has onesided T and a quarter drop down,after the 1915,