What is a 3.10 GPA?

Updated: 11/9/2022
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GPA is an acronym for Grade Point Average. On a normal scale, a grade of A is worth 4 points, B is worth 3 points, C is worth 2 points and D is worth 1 point. To calculate GPA you would add up all the points and divide by the number of grades.

For example:

Algebra: A

English: B

Biology: B

US History: B

In this situation the student would receive 4 points for Algebra and 3 points each for English, Biology and US History. That would be a total of 13 points.

Since there are 4 classes you would divide 13 by 4 and end up with a 3.25.

So a 3.10 GPA is slightly above a "B" average.

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Q: What is a 3.10 GPA?
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