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Q: What is a 6 letter word for bird of prey that feeds on fish?
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What does osprey mean?

a type of bird that looks like a bald eagle

Six letter word for a bird of prey starting with R?

A six letter word for a bird of prey starting with the letter R is "raptor."

Is the Kookaburra a bird of prey?

No. Although it is carnivorous, a kookaburra is not a bird of prey. A bird of prey, by definition, is one that not only feeds on animal flesh, but is a raptor, having sharp, powerful talons and a hooked beak. A kookaburra does not have talons, and its beak is long and straight.

Is a osprey an big cat?

No, it is a bird of prey, feeding mainly on fish.

What young bird of prey begins with the letter o?


What bird of prey begins with the letter J?

· Jamaican Owl

What is a five letter word for the claw of a bird of prey?


On what does the silvereye prey?

The silvereye is a bird that preys on insects and fruits. Other names for this bird that is found in New Zealand are wax-eye and white eye. It also feeds on nectar.

Example of predator and prey?

Predator Vs. Prey Lion ----> Gazel Cat ----> Bird Owl ----> Mouse Orca ----> Seal

What classification of a bald eagle indicates a bird of prey?

a great swimmer and diver to catch fish

What animals eat ospreys?

Large broard-winged FISH EATING diurnal bird of prey, with a dark back and whitish head and underparts. Often called a fish hawk.

What is an example of a predatorprey relationship?

shark and tuna can be considered as predator and prey that shark feeds on other organism and tuna becomes a prey to the sharkoctopus and a crab. the octopus is the predator who eats the prey, the crab