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Q: What is a 6 piece set of silver knifes worth with DWTS?
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Reinforced Deposit is one step down from Sterling Silver, usually also accompanied by "A1" and the weight in pennyweights (DWTS) printed on the backs of a set of British silver forks & spoons; (the knives to my set are Sheffield Made Firth Stainless with bone handles). I believe this old set of English silver is at least 100 years old. Soup spoons & dinner forks say 25 DWTS, meaning 25 pennyweights of silver. Smaller forks & dessert-spoons each say 18 DWTS, and the teaspoons say 12 DWTS.Appearance: There is no wearing through of the silver on any of these pieces, & every piece has an extra round deposit of silver (Reinforced Deposit) at the places where EPNS usually wears through, where the fork/spoon rests on the table or plate. This is a set for 6 people, so there are 3 tiny salter spoons too, that's one salter spoon between each 2 people; 1 salter spoon is bigger, presumably for the Head of Household. Hint: I keep my silver untarnished by keeping a small block of Camphor in the chest - you can buy some at the pharmacy.

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