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What is a A Du Jour?

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Du jour means of the day. as in soup du jour.

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the "D'uh" of the day - (Homer Simpson is as famous in France as in the US)

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What is the du jour?

du jour = of the day ...

What is a sentence for Du jour?

"du jour" means "of the day".

Meaning of word du jour?

Du jour means "of the day".

How can you use du jour in a sentence?

The soup du jour is chicken noodle!

What is the meaning of potage du jour?

The meaning of potage du jour is the "soup of the day."

How many pages does Death du Jour have?

Death du Jour has 436 pages.

Disadvantage of plat du jour menu?

the plat du jour in French translates as todays' special. In a plat du jour menu, you have no change option (unless you pay more).

What does du jour mon amour mean?

du jour mon amour means ' day my love' !!!

What does Jour du souvenir mean in English?

le jour du souvenir is translated Remembrance Day in English.

What is the meaning of Ton humeur du jour?

Ton humeur du jour means 'your mood of the day' in French.

How do you use the word du jour in a sentence?

The words "du jour" mean "of the day" in French. So when people say soup du jour that means soup of the day. Or if a guy has a lot of girlfriends and keeps on changing girls. The current girl would be the girlfriend du jour, or the girlfriend of the day.

What is a du jour menu?

Du Jour menu is a French term reffering to daily specials. The phrase means of the day.

Sentence using the word du jour?

A example of a sentence in French using the words "du jour" is:La soupe du jour est le poulet et nouilles.The soup of the day is chicken noodle.

What is french for of the day?

du jour

What is 'du jour' when translated from French to English?

Du jour in French means "(made for) the (particular) day" in English.

Meaning of deau jour in french?

I believe you are asking about du jour, which means "of the day"

What actors and actresses appeared in Maniac du jour - 2006?

The cast of Maniac du jour - 2006 includes: Kevin Siva

What are the release dates for Books Du Jour - 2014?

Books Du Jour - 2014 was released on: USA: 3 March 2014

What are the ratings and certificates for L'homme du jour - 1937?

L'homme du jour - 1937 is rated/received certificates of: Finland:K-16

What is the meaning of soup da jour?

Soup du jour refers to liquid that has been cooked with meat, fish or vegetables, and contains pieces or chunks of those.

Where did the word du jour come from?


How do you say of the day in French?

It is "du jour".

Is du jour a real band?


What is a menu du jour?

of the day in French

What is french word for Soup of the Day?

Either "Potage du jour" or "Soupe du jour" would work, but the first one is generally more preferred.

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