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A person who operates a vehicle which requires the operator to possess a Commercial Drivers Licence.

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2011-02-17 04:25:18
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Q: What is a CDL driver?
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Related questions

Can a cdl driver drive a triaxal dump truck with a trailer and small piece of equipment on it?

Depends on which Class of CDL. A driver with a Class C CDL is not licensed on that vehicle. A driver with a Class B CDL can drive that combination only if the GVW of the trailer is less than 10,000 lbs. A driver with a Class A CDL can drive it.

Can you get hired on with Cherokee Distributing with just a CDL Permit?

Sure you can - but not as a CDL driver.

What can you with a cdl driver license?

You can drive vehicles which require the operator to possess a CDL....

Do you need to have a CDL license to get CDL driver car insurance?

Yes, you will need insurance to drive with a CDL license.

Do you need a CDL license for jobs as a UPS driver?

Yes you do need a cdl for a job as a UPS driver. A CDL license is a commercial drivers license and since a UPS driver drives a commercial vehicle on public roads the driver does need this specialized license.

Class c driver?

Before you can become a class c driver, you must have your cdl license. The cdl license is given to you by the state you live in.

Do you have to graduate to be a truck driver?

You have to be able to get a CDL.

Can you get your cdl if you have a felony in Tennessee?

You can get a CDL. The question should be one of whether you'll be able to find employment as a CDL driver with your record.

Do you need a drug test for a CDL?

To actually get the licence, no. To actually be employed as a CDL driver, yes.

Do you have to have a driver liaisons to get cdl?

Yes. You have to have some class of unrestricted drivers licence before you can get a CDL.

Can you get a cdl if you have a feloney?

Yes, you can. Your chances of finding employment as a CDL driver, however, are slim to none.

How long do i have to have my driver's license before i can become a truck driver?

you have to be 21 to get a CDL.

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