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What is a Ethernet port?

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It is a high speed data port that can transmit data at up to 5 gigabits per second. They are found on all devices that are capable of connecting to the internet (computers, DVR's, ect)

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An Ethernet port is used for connecting your computer to a?

An Ethernet port is for you to plug in an Ethernet cable. You have your Ethernet cable plug into your Ethernet port and your Modem or Router to give you access to the internet.

How do you connect a mac to ethernet?

Use the Ethernet Port (The MacBook Air dose not have a Ethernet Port)

What is Ethernet port in computer system?

The Ethernet port connects with a cable to a network.

What device is used for the ethernet port?

An ethernet wire

An Ethernet port used for connecting your computer to what device?

An ethernet port is used for connecting your computer to a network.

What is another name for a network port?

Ethernet port

Will using a wireless connection take up an empty Ethernet port?

No, it will not take up an empty ethernet port.

Does it cost anything to recycle a 24 port ethernet hub?

There are no charge to recylce a 24 port ethernet hub.

Do Ethernet interface and Ethernet port refer to the same thing?

no they dont

What is the Ethernet port technically called?

The ethernet port is technically called LAN, short for Local Area Network. The ethernet cable is called a Category 6 cable.

What is the port that resembles a standard phone jack?

An Ethernet port. :]

An Ethernet port is technically called?

RJ-45 Port

An Ethernet port is technically called a?

IEEE 1394 port

What port is used to connect an external modem?

ethernet port

Where do you connect Ethernet cable on PS3 slim?

In the Ethernet port at the back of the PS3

What is RJ45 port?

It's an Ethernet port used for network connections.

What port you use on the switch to connect it to the LAN?

fast ethernet port

What port on the computer resembles a standard phone jack?

ethernet port

What are the wired ports?

this is answer in view of IT and Ethernet port. Answer: An Ethernet port is an opening on computer network equipment that Ethernet cables plug into. These ports are alternatively called jacks or sockets. Ethernet ports accept cables with RJ-45 connectors.

What device can connect to the Ethernet port?


Which port is used to connect your computer to a network?

An Ethernet port, usually.

Can you use an Ethernet cord to hook a laptop up to a printer?

IF the printer has an Ethernet port then yes.

Another name of RJ-45 connector of motherboaard?

LAN Port, Network Port or Ethernet Port

What connectivity ports look like standard phone jacks but are slightly larger?

An Ethernet port.

The enthernet port is used to connect a computer to?

The Ethernet port is used to connect a computer to a connectivity device such as a modem, router, switch,etc. Does so via an ethernet cable.