What is a Eureka' can used for?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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A 'eureka can' is basically a container with a spout. The spout is positioned a little distance below the top of the container. It is used to find the volume of usually an irregular obect by immersion into water and displacing a volume of water equal to the object's volume.

To find the volume of an object, the eureka can is filled with water. The water spills out level to the rim of the spout.

The obect is then lowered into the eureka can. Water, equal to the volume of the obect, is spilled out via the spout into a measuring container and thus the volume of the object can be discovered.

The name of the can comes from the legend that Archimedes when getting into his filled-up bath, he realised that the volume of water that was spilled over was equal to that part of him that was in the bath...and thus "Eureka!", Ive found it!

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Q: What is a Eureka' can used for?
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