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Paracetamol/acetaminophen can cause liver damage and other dangerous effects at doses much less than fatal. Death from acetaminophen is very slow and painful. Above 2 grams (2000mg) a day for more than a few days can damage your liver. More than 5 grams at any one time can damage your liver. More than 10 grams in a day will almost certainly damage your liver. The minimum dose to kill a 175 pound (80 kilogram) adult is probably 80 grams. In all likelihood, you might surivive 200 grams. But, you would probably die in a year without a new liver. To be assured death, you might need 500 grams. So stick to sodium cyanide.

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Q: What is a Fatal dose of paracetamol?
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What is a fatal dose of paracetamol to a child 2 years old and below?

We cannot supply that information.

What medicines are fatal to cats?

Calpol, paracetamol, aspirin and other human medicines should never be given to a cat. A cat is many times smaller than a human, thus there are differences in metabolisms. Even a tiny dose of human medicine can comparatively be a very large dose to a cat, and can be fatal.

What is a fatal dose of pills?

a fatal dose is when you over dose on pills and can die from it.

What is a fatal dose of darvacet?

What is a fatal dose of darvocet

Does of paracetamol in dengue fever?

paracetamol dose for dengue fever for age old man?

Does Orphenadrine contain paracetamol I understand that orphenedrine CITRATE does contain paracetamol?

There are a number of combinations of Orphenadrine with co drug. Usually Paracetamol,asprin and or with caffeine. The usual dose of orphenadrine is 60mg per dose usually combined with Paracetamol. See NORGESIC.

Can you give paracetamol to cats?

PLEASE - NEVER give paracetamol to cats! Cats lack the enzyme needed to metabolise this drug, and even a tiny dose can be FATAL to a cat. I cannot emphasise this enough - please tell all cat lovers you know - NEVER!! Paracetamol can kill a normal, healthy cat in 4 hours and must be taken to a vet immediately if taken.

Was paracetamol tested on animals?

Paracetamol was tested on animals before human testing took place. Paracetamol is capable of causing liver damage in humans and is fatal to most animals.

What can damage the liver?

high dose of paracetamol

What is the lethal dose of paracetamol?


What is the side affect of paracetamol?

The only real side-effect with paracetamol occurs if you are hypersensitive(allergic) to paracetamol or liver and kidney damage if more than the recommended dose is taken

What dose fatal mean?

Fatal means bad or gone

What is the maximum dose of paracetamol in a day?

I believe it is 4 grams a day.

Can you take panadeine with Sudafed?

Both Panadeine and Sudafed contain paracetamol, so if you took a full dose of each together you would be exceeding the recommended paracetamol dose. I suppose if you really wanted the effects of both pills you could take a half dose (one tablet) of each.

What is a fatal dose of digoxin?


How much morphine would be a toxic dose?

-a dose of 120 mg can be fatal

What is a fatal dose of adivan?

Ativan is a drug that when you take too big of a dose, it usually is not fatal. You could experience respiratory distress if Ativan is mixed with alcohol.

What are the release dates for True Life - 1998 Fatal Dose?

True Life - 1998 Fatal Dose was released on: USA: 31 March 1998

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When does Paracetamol expire after the bottle is opened?

Parcetamol dose not expire but a time limit of Raw-Material that is Five Year, but a time limit of Paracetamol Finished Product just like that in foam of Syrup, mostly looking that the syrup of Paracetamol a loose potency of Paracetamol after opened bottle is near about 2 months.

What does the medical abbreviation FD mean?

Fatal Dose

How much morphine sulfate is fatal dose?


Maximum dose of paracetamol and ibubrofen together?

Depending on your age, and wheather or not you have a history of liver/gastric problems means this can not be a personal answer. However, for an adult, with no history of gastric/liver problems OR history of allergic reactions to paracetamol or Ibuprofen, you can take up to 1g of paracetamol, and 400mg of ibuprofen.

Daily dose naproxeno sodico 275 mg-paracetamol 300 mg?


What is a fatal dose of Prednisone?

can I take prednisone and ibuprofen together