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It teaches you to be a firefighter. It's quite possible that one exists. If you don't find a particular program, many schools will allow you to create your own major (assuming you can find the classes to fill it with) My college offers this degree. According to my schools handbook: This program will provide college level educational opportunities in the areas of fire science, emergency medical care and hazardous materials. The program is designed with the Firefighter and Emergency Responder in mind. The curriculum follows the guidelines established by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). These programs are recognized nationally and internationally. Completion of this program leads to an Associate of Applied Science degree in Fire Science Technology.

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Q: What is a Fire Science Technology degree?
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What jobs can you get with an associate's degree in fire Science Technology?

Earning an associated degree in Fire Science Technology offers you many career path capabilities. You can work in positions such as a firefighter, fire investigator, and fire inspector. You can also add certain courses with your degree program and gain employment opportunities in emergency management, homeland security, and forensics.

Where are firefighter colleges located?

The most prevalent colleges that offer a degree in fire science are community colleges.The most prevalent colleges that offer a degree in fire science are community colleges.The most prevalent colleges that offer a degree in fire science are community colleges.The most prevalent colleges that offer a degree in fire science are community colleges.The most prevalent colleges that offer a degree in fire science are community colleges.The most prevalent colleges that offer a degree in fire science are community colleges.

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How long does it take to obtain a fire science degree in Omaha, NE?

I think fire science degree is a minimum of 2-years degree course in Omaha, NE

What type of bachelor's degree do you need to become a forensic science technician?

The degree you need to be a forensic scientist is a bacholars degree in science related technology

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What is the difference between an AS degree and an AA degree?

Associate of Science Degree and Associate of Arts Degree Science Technology, business, computer, etc Artts English, history, etc

How long does it take to get a Fire Science/Emergency Management degree online?

If you're looking to get certified and obtain your degree in Fire Science/Emergency Management, there are plenty of available options online for this degree. On average it takes two years to complete, up to four years for a Fire Science masters program.

Where can I get a fire science degree ?

If you are looking for a fire science degree a great place to start is: were you will find all schools offering this type of degree. You can even request information directly from links provided on the website.

What is the best college to get a science degree?

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Yes you can. There are some community colleges that now offer an associate in applied science degree (AAS) in automotive technology.

Where can I avail for an online fire science degree?

An online Fire Science Degree will allow you to pursue your dream or give you the means to advance in your current career. Whether you want to begin a career of your dreams.

What is Bsc IT?

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What is the difference between a university degree and university of technology degree qualification?

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What is the abbreviation for an associate of science degree in criminal justice technology?

Within the United States, the technology degrees at this level are typically an associate of applied science (AAS) degree. The regular transfer programs in criminal justice can be either the associate of arts (AA), or the associate in science (AS).

What is the name of the book that deals with technology and the Civil War?

The book is Trial by Fire: Science Technology and the Civil War by Charles D.Ross.In Trial by Fire, Charles covers the applications of science and technology in the Civil War. He addresses the applications of existing technology to support combat forces and the applications of new technology to combat.

Where can I get a fire science degrees?

AAS in Fire Science Kaplan University offers a wide variety accredited online fire science degrees. The advanced start programs are designed for students who already have an associates or bachelors in another subject, whereas the standard associates and bachelors have no pre-requisite degree requirements. Students will be able to choose from an Associates, Bachelors, or Advanced Bachelors degree in Fire Science; or a Bachelors or Advanced Bachelors degree in Fire Emergency Management.

Where and how can I acquire a degree in fire science?

This site seems very helpful for those interested in a degree in Fire Science: Not only does it give plenty of links, but the site itself contains within it a lot of interesting information such as average salary wages and opportunities presented inside the career path.

What schools provide online fire science degree programs?

Online Fire Science Degree Columbia Southern University, one of the nations top online schools, is eager to help you blaze a path or advance your career in fire science administration! Extending from a curriculum of fire prevention and fire protection, our associate and bachelors degree programs take a multi-professional approach to policy integration, management of organizations and human resources. CSU online fire science degrees offer comprehensive academic preparation in specialized fire service equipment and apparatus applications. We also feature undergraduate certificate programs in fire science.

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What careers are available with a fire science/emergency management degree?

Some career options with a fire science degree include firefighting, fire inspectors or supervisory positions. You can read about the options available as well as the expected income at

What is difference between MSc and MTech?

They are qualifications - an MSc degree will give you a Master of Science, and an MTech will give you a Master of Technology. So an MTech degree is more about the application of science.

What is called as the study of fire?

"Fire science" is the name of a college degree in which a student learns about fire, avoiding fire, putting out fire and investigating the origins of fires.

Can you become a firefighter with a criminal justice degree?

Yes, but it make more sense to just get a degree in fire science.