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What is a HSB and Co Single Shot 12 gauge 275 worth?


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July 21, 2009 12:51PM

I have a HSB double barrel shot gun with hammer cocks and a rooster insignia on it and would like to know how much it is worth, it is a 12 gauge w/ hammer cocks, geniune armory steel-chock bored ser.#151404 (metal arm stock lock)32" barrel. I have looked up all the information about HSB that I can find and to no avail have I been able to find out anything about this fire arm, and several people have made me great offers for it and I have no idea what to tell them, so if there is the slightest chance that you could come up with a price or more information about this fire arm then I would be greatly thankful. Thanks very much for taking the time to help me.