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The Hanoverian is described as having a stable, kind, but energetic personality. However it should be kept in mind that all horses no matter what breed they are have individual personalities that do not always fall within the breed description. European Warmblood breeds are known for their gentleness , but many also describe them as 'slow minded'.

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That is the correct spelling of "Hanoverian" (a horse breed).

German-Hanoverian Party ended in 1933.

hanoverian are used more for jumping. hope this helps

German-Hanoverian Party was created on 1869-12-31.

An infant's temperament refers most directly to its emotional excitability. Temperament refers to aspects of a person's personality, like extroversion or introversion, in psychology.

The Hanoverian can be any solid color, most typically being black, chestnut or bay.

Hanoverian bridles have nosebands and then flash/drop nosebands. Cavesson bridles have a noseband.

Paint is a breed of horse based on bloodlines, so no a Hanoverian cannot be a Paint. They can however have Pinto markings, it is rare for this to happen within the Hanoverian breed, but it can occur, and they can be registered as pintos as well as Hanoverians.

The Hanoverians were from Hanover.

The Hanoverian horse, developed in Hanover, Germany, is a large breed commonly known as a Warmblood. Depending on the bloodlines of the individual horse, a Hanoverian at 2 could weigh anywhere from 900 to 1200 lbs. or more.

Like any dog, their temperament can be good or bad. So much depends on how they are raised and treated as a puppy then as an adult dog.

The wild animal had a bad temperament. She had a very good temperament.

Hanoverians are fairly large bodied horses and typically weight between 1100 and 1500 pounds on average. The Hanoverian horse registries do not keep records for the horses weights on file and thus there is no way to know how heavy the heaviest Hanoverian is.

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Bred for jumping but can be used in other disciplines

there cold blood there cold blood there cold blood

It's like the most important thing.

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The Hanoverian horse is a warmblood horse which is bred to excel in the equestrian disciplines of jumping, dressage and eventing. The breed originated in northern Germany in the state of Lower Saxony, the former kingdom of Hannover. Number of Hanoverian race horses currently in the game: of which 317200 of purebred)this is acording to the site

she was a member of the Hanoverian dynasty

non they were banned by government

John E. Bates has written: 'Temperament' -- subject(s): Behavior, Individual differences in children, Individuality, Physiological aspects, Physiological aspects of Temperament, Physiological aspects of Temperament in children, Physiology, Temperament, Temperament in children

Hi there! Yes they can - I ride one! He's not a 100%pure Hano he's a crossbred horse but he's got enough hano blood to be registered hanoverian. He's beautiful.

No, only hanoverian crosses can have pinto colouring. Registered hanoverians come in chestnut, bay, brown, black and grey - other colourations are prohibited by the breed regulations.

The temperament of a red nose pit will vary from dog to dog. Much of the dog's temperament depends on how it is raised. A pit bull that is well socialized, and well trained will have a good temperament.

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