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The degree is for individuals who are currently enrolled in, or have previously completed a nationally accredited or state-licensed, health certificate program. The program is designed to extend the student's clinical education by adding general education courses that will result in the Associates of Applied Science Degree (AAS). Graduates of this program may be eligible to continue in a baccalaureate-level Health Science Program.


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Q: What is a Health Information Technology associate degree?
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What kind of job can you get with a health information technology associate in science degree?

An associate's degree in health information technology qualifies candidates for an entry level job in several types of facilities. Some of the places that someone with this degree could work are hospitals, doctor's offices, and nursing homes.

What jobs can you get with an associate's degree in Information Technology?

With an associate's degree in information technology, you can become a programmer, database manager/administrator, systems analyst, cryptographer, web page designer, etc.

What kind of job can you get with a health information technology degree?

Health information technician in a hospital, clinic or other health care facility.

How much does a person with a associate's degree in information technology make in a year?

It obviously depends on the position held.

What jobs can you get with an associates degree in health science?

There are a lot of options for those with an associate degree in health science. Some jobs includes medical assistant, pharmacy technician, and health information technologist.

What is the abbreviation for associate's degree in Technology?

Typically, the associates in technology is an associates of applied science degree (AAS).

What qualifications are required for jobs where one has to handle medical records?

The qualifications of someone who is working with medical records such as a medical records technician should have an associate degree in health information technology. A certificate will then be obtained and need to be renewed as necessary.

What kind of job can you get with an associate's degree in health science?

associate degree is not a bad degree... i have associate degree in respiratory therapy program.. if you work in the hospital as a respiratory therapist you make good money.

Health Information Technology Degrees?

Individuals who hold a degree in health information technology are responsible for providing the health care industry with its electronic information systems necessary to coordinate and organize care of patients. As technology has advanced, so has the health care industry. Many records and other important information is now digitized. Individuals who hold degrees in health information technology assist with and coordinate collecting, analyzing, monitoring, maintaing and reporting this data within the perimeter of legal and quality principles. For anyone who wishes to have a successful career within this field with great opportunity for advancement, finding a degree program is a crucial first step. Typically, a degree in health information technology is offered on the associate level. Associate degrees are offered at two-year community or technical colleges. When looking for a program to receive your degree from, ensure that you perform ample research before making your decision. Look at the accreditation, notability and flexibility of the institution. Look for a program that will best fit within your current schedule and most importantly within your budget. This is especially true if you are completing the program as a working adult when your busy lifestyle will require a program that can offer a varied schedule and an affordable tuition rate. In addition to collecting and maintaing data collected on patients, individuals who work within the health information technology field are also responsible for processing request for the release of patient health records and processing health care data for use by clinical quality management. Healthcare information technology associates can code clinical information as well as bill and reimbursement patients and clients while adhering to strict privacy guidelines. The job description is often broad and requires an individual who is trained and well versed in a variety of areas. One of the best ways to ensure that you are adequately prepared for a career in this field is to complete a healthcare information technology degree program.

What is the abbreviation for associate's degree in health science?

It can differ from institution to institution. However, it is typically an associate in science (AS) degree.

What is the abbreviation for an associate of science degree in criminal justice technology?

Within the United States, the technology degrees at this level are typically an associate of applied science (AAS) degree. The regular transfer programs in criminal justice can be either the associate of arts (AA), or the associate in science (AS).

What is the difference between an AS degree and an AA degree?

Associate of Science Degree and Associate of Arts Degree Science Technology, business, computer, etc Artts English, history, etc

Associate's degree in automotive technology?

It would be engineering.

What jobs can you get with a associate's degree in mental health?

You can become a social worker if you have an associate's degree. They work with families who get assistance to ensure they have what they need.

Is there any jobs that pay more then 40000 per year with an associate's degree in information technology with a networking certificate?

Yes, you just have to look for them and be patient.

What degree does Phlebotomy fall under?

It can fall under a number of areas to include medical laboratory technology, and medical assisting. Medical assisting is typically an associate degree, while the medical laboratory technology can be taken at the associate and bachelor degree levels.

Can I become a mental health counselor with only an associate's degree?

No. You need a master's degree.

What is a masters in information technology?

A Master's degree in information technology is a type of postgraduate course that specializes in information technology. After completing the course, you can be recognized as having a Master's degree in IT.

How long will it take to get a BA Degree in pharmacy technician?

Currently, the highest degree obtainable is an associate degree in pharmacy technology.

What is the difference between an associate's degree and an associate of occupational studies degree?

An Associates degree can be segmented into a number of categories to include: * AA (Associate of Arts) * AS (Associate of Science) * APS (Associate of Public Service) * AAB (Associate of Applied Business) * AAS (Associate of Applied Science; or in some cases, Associate of Arts and Sciences) * AIT (Associate of Industrial Technology) * AOS (Associate of Occupational Studies) * ABA (Associate of Business Administration) * AAT (Associate of Arts in Teaching) * AF (Associate of Forestry) * AT (Associate of Technology) * AE (Associate of Engineering; or, in some cases, Associate in Electronics Engineering Technology) * AET (Associate in Engineering Technology) * AN (Associate of Nursing) * AGS (Associate of General Studies) * ADN (Associate Degree in Nursing) Thus, to answer your question more accurately, it would depend on which of the above associates degree you are referring to. The Associate of Occupational Studies degree is for students who intend to enter the work force upon graduation. There are generally little or no liberal arts requirements for this degree.

Is a diploma of technology in from BCIT considered an undergradute degree?

If the degree is an associate or bachelor's degree, it is an undergraduate degree. The master's and doctorate are graduate degrees.

Can you receive a college degree in automotive technology?

Yes you can. There are some community colleges that now offer an associate in applied science degree (AAS) in automotive technology.

What level of education is required for engineering technology?

The engineering technology field can range from an associate degree, to bachelor's degree, to a master's or doctorate. It just depends on your specific career goals and objectives. There are many community colleges that offer an associate in applied science (AAS) degree in engineering technology, however they ten to be more specific. In other words, electronics engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology, electromechanical technology, civil engineering technology, etc.

Where is the best place to get a degree in information technology?

one of the best places to get a degree in information technology is at ITT Technical Institute

Get a job with an associate's degree in engineering?

Didn't even know these were offered, but if they do, you would be performing the same functions as someone with a technician's degree, in which case the Bachelor of Technology degree will take preference over the associate of engineering.