What is a Heat Anticipator?

Updated: 11/6/2022
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A Heat Anticipator is really a potentiometer connected to (possibly) two resistors. You may see these resistors behind a mechanical thermostat "coil". When the heater is running, current flows and heats up the resistors, making the heater turn off a little early so that it doesn't overshoot the temp you have set. If the pot is set at it maximum resistance, the resistors heat less, it just makes sense. Check your manual on your thermostat for proper settings.

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Q: What is a Heat Anticipator?
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What are three kinds of switching mechanisms used in low-voltage thermostats?

Mercury Bulb, heat-anticipator and a cold-anticipator.

How is a heat anticipator wired in a system?

Parallel with the cooling contacts

Is it true or false that a heat anticipator should be set to match the amp draw of all heat relay controls in the control circuit?


Furnace heat is sometimes too hot and other times to cold?

First check your thermostat to determine if the anticipator is set correctly and is operating properly.

What is an anticipator?

An anticipator is a device in a thermostat which determines when to turn on or shut off the heating or cooling mechanism.

Inside a GE CHT18-60 thermostat control box there is a toggle labeled longer with the numbers 1 through point 18 what does it do?

Is a slider for the "adjustable heat anticipator assembly"

What helps limit the amount of system overshoot?

A cold anticipator

How should the thermostat be set for gas hot forced air furnace?

In the instruction manual for the furnace, it will either give you the heat anticipator setting or instruct you how to do it. If its digital, well then follow the thermostat instructions

Why does your electric furnace blow cold air only sometimes?

it may blow cold air due to the fact that the heat anticipator on your thermostat may be set to long. you can change useing your owners manual for your thermostat but you should have a service tech do it

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Our furnace is always going on but our house doesn't warm up unless we put the ther on 80 then the house warms to about 74?

If you have a mechanical thermostat, the "heat anticipator" most likely needs to be adjusted to a higher setting. If a mercury type thermostat, verify that the sub-base is level also. lc