What is a IEP?

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IEP stands for Individual Education Plan. When a student has a proven learning disability, an IEP is written for them. It has goals in it that differ from goals in the regular classroom. The student is usually in the regular classroom. The teacher may help the student work toward these specific goals, or the student may leave the class for a short time to work with the Special Education or Resource teacher. IEP's are reviewed once each year by the Special Education team, the classroom teacher, and the parents.

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Q: What is a IEP?
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How does an iep help students in school?

The IEP (Individual Education Program) is a written document that acts as a roadmap for a child in school that has a learning disability. It outlines the disability the child has and discusses what will best help the child become successful in school. The IEP includes the child's present level of educational performance and the IEP goals and objectives as well as methods for assessing the IEP goals and objectives. In addition, the IEP includes any necessary accommodations or modifications, or related services or support needed by the child.

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What does IEP stand for?

Individualized Education Plan.

What does IEP mean?

Individualized Education Plan

What is an IEP goal?

IEP Goals and Objectives are written into an IEP (Individual Education Program) for children with learning disabilities. An IEP Goal is what the child should accomplish by the end of the school year. A simple example would be: By the end of the school year, Julie will be able to correctly answer (8 out of 10) 5th grade level algebra questions.

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