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Cabela's has one for sale right now for $849, excellent condition. I've seen then go for anywhere from $400 - $1000.


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I got one for $300 it is like new love the gun!!

You have an Ithaca NID model made in 1926, Not knowing condition or grade 300 -3500.

how much is an Ithaca model 37 shotgun worth in fair condition

well i wanted to know what my 16 gauge featherlight Ithaca how old it was and how much it was worth i called Ithaca arms gun co. out of Ohio because they are no longer made in Ithaca New York so that's your best bet

I'm not familiar with the "red buck" terminology. Is that a Deerslayer model? If so, a 12 gauge in good condition will probably be worth $350 - $450.

The M37 was mge in 1949. Value depends on the condition and gauge, as a 20 would be worth more than a 12.

Depending on the condition it can be worth up to $275, but if it is in poor condition it is worth about $75 according to the 2008 standard catalog of firearms

Depending on its condition (and of course a willing buyer) it should be worth between $575 - $800. You might want to watch for similar guns at to see what they are currently selling for. 20 GA guns generally bring a little more than 12 GA guns. As you probably know, this is a gun made for Ithaca, and imported, as opposed to a gun actually made by Ithatca. Hope that helps.

If it is in good shape it's probably worth between $250-$300. Look on and see what they are selling for.

Made in 1919. Either a Flues or NIG model. Value depends on condition, but probably around $350.

Most all the Ithaca Pump model 37 were Engraved with 3 ducks and on the other side Pointer Flushing out 2 pheasants. It a common engraving we all see on Ithaca but you have an 1937 model like I do ,I have one as well with a serial number 2493, believe me they are worth keeping because that was the 1st year Ithaca made the Model 37 they only produced 3,500 shotgun in 1937

Value depends on gauge and condition. A 20 gauge is worth more than a 12 gauge, for instance. If your gun is in very good condition it might bring around $800. Monitor to see what similar offerings are selling for.

A used Ithaca model 72 saddle gun in excellent condition is worth around $500.

The Featherlight Deerslayer 12 gauge is a hunting rifle made by the Ithaca Gun Company. These guns are very modern and are worth around 1,000 dollars.

In order to answer this question one would need to know the model number, serial number (not essential, but helps date it), and its condition. If it's an Ithaca, as opposed to an Ithaca SKB, it would be a Model 51, and probably worth in the $300-$400 range.

I am not sure if the date makes a huge difference, but says the featherlight is worth and estimated $375.00.

$500.00-$750.00 depending on condition

You have a Ithaca model Flues shotgun that was made in 1912 with the serial number that you supplied.With the many variations and grades made it would be better if you may have your gun appraised by someone knowledgeable in this field.

An Ithaca model 51 magnum 3 inch shotgun is worth $275-$325, depending on condition.

I think it was made in 1973, and if in good condition is probably worth $250 - $300 Yes, the gun was mfg in 1973.

what is a. jc Higgins pump shot gun. model 20-12 gauge worth??

Your ithaca model 49R is valued at between 125-200 dollars depending on condition.

With the recent demise (again) of Ithaca, there has been a slight upward trend in the older models including the 66. If in very good condition, $100-$150.

The value of a 16 gauge double barrel Ithaca shotgun with the serial number 461934 is determined by its condition. This gun in excellent condition is valued at 325.00 as of 2014.

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