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A K-1 is used by a Partnership or S-Corporation to report a partner/shareholder's distributed share of income. Partnerships and S-Corporations do not pay income tax. Instead, they file their corporate / partnership tax return as an informational return only. This return will distribute the net profit to the shareholders or partners based upon their percentage of stock or how the partnership agreement reads. For example, if you own 50% of ABC Corporation, an S-Corporation, and ABC Corporation shows a $100,000 profit in 2007, you will receive a K-1 for 50% of the net profit, so $50,000. You would have to claim this $50,000 of income on your personal tax return. Because the company does not pay income tax, the net profit is passed through to the owners who pay the income tax on their personal tax returns.
A K-1 form is a form that is issued to partners, shareholders, and such showing their share of a business income that must be reported on their personal tax returns.

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Q: What is a K-1 form from the IRS?
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