What is a Kindle Single?

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The Singular form of a Kindle.

A Kindle single is defined by Amazon's press release as "Kindle books that are twice the length of a New Yorker feature or as much as a few chapters of a typical book."

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2011-04-21 18:06:59
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Q: What is a Kindle Single?
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How do you place the kindle books in the correct folder?

All Kindle books go to a single folder on your Kindle, named "documents". Amazon's said before that they don't intend on allowing users to create more folders.

How long can you read on a kindle without a recharge?

According to Amazon - you get about a months usage from a single charge.

How long will your kindle hold a charge?

According to Amazon.. " for up to one month on a single charge..."

How do you get a Kindle fire out of a Kindle fire case?

You get a kindle fire out off a kindle fire case by .............................................

What are kindle books?

Kindle books are the ebooks you find at the Amazon Kindle store that are readable only on the Amazon Kindle or Amazon Kindle DX.

Can you trade books from a Kindle to Kindle?

If both of the kindle are registered under your Amazon account then yes you can synchronize the kindles which will trade the books from kindle to kindle.

Does the Kindle have any game apps on it?

The Kindle eReaders do not, but the Kindle Fire does.

Does a kindle have a light?

a normal kindle doesn't but a kindle paper white does

What is the difference between a kindle 2 and a kindle 3?

the kindle 3 is a 3g ebook and the kindle 2 isn't

Can you use the same case for a Kindle and Kindle Fire?

It depends on the type Kindle case to fit a Kindle Fire.

Can you trade in a kindle for a Kindle Fire at Target?

No. Kindle Fires are quite a bit more valuable than a Kindle.

How much is kindle?

It depends which model you want... Kindle - £89 Kindle Touch - £109 Kindle Touch 3G - £169 Kindle Keyboard 3G - £149.00

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