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That gun was made between 1905 and 1915. The best way to determine a current value for it would be to take it to a gunshop--not a retail store selling guns, but shop that sells nothing but new and used guns and gun accessories--and ask them to set a value on it for insurance purposes. Expect to be disappointed--it won't be much. TexasCharley

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Q: What is a Meriden Model 15 22 cal patent 1913 Octagonal barrel repeater rifle worth?
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What is the age of a 22 caliber Meriden Model 35 pump patented in 1912 with an octagonal barrel?

It had to be manufactured between the 1912 patent date and 1915 when the company ceased operations.

What is the value of meriden 15 22 cal patent 1913 octagonal barrel repeater rifle what is the dollar amount?

Value of any firearm is determined by make, model, condition, and originality. These were not high dollar guns, but there is a modest collector interest. Depending on condition, may be as low as $25, or as high as $200 for an excellent specimen. These are old enough that there is no set "blue book" value. PS- I said that after checking my copy of the Blue Book.

Single shot lever action octagonal barrel Ballard patent 1151861 serial 20575 When manufactured?

Pre 1899

What is the value of a 1864 Remington rifle?

I have a octagonal barrel .32 caliber Remington Patent date May 3, 1864 - What would it be worth?

When was the H R 22 trapper model with octagonal barrel first made?

AROUND 1900. I have an early "Hunter" model (7 shot) with patent dates in the late 1800s.

What is the model of a 38 caliber Forehand and Wadsworth handgun octagonal 2 barrel trigger patent date of April 3 1887 on trigger across top of the body it says double lock and safety hammer?

The Bulldog

What is the model number of a take down Savage pump rifle chambered in 22 short long and long rifle with the patent dates Dec 26 1906 June 01 1915 March 25 1916 and April 11 1918.?

If barrel is round, it is a post-WWII Model 29. If the barrel is octagonal, and the grip is checkered, it is probably a pre-WWII Model 29. If the barrel is octagonal and the stock is plain, it is likely a Model 25. That's as close as I can get sight unseen.

What is the value of a western field 410 gauge repeater bolt action patent applied for?

50-200 US Dollars

What does the pt mean when shown on a colt pt FA mfg stamped barrel?

I believe 'pt' stands for patent, as in Colt patent firearms

Where can you get a manual for a 12 gauge pump shotgun that has Browning Patent engraved on the barrel?

You need to identify the make and model of the shotgun. Dozens of different makes of guns show a browning patent on the barrel. Recheck and re-ask the question - Thank you

What is the value of a J Stevens 20 gauge with an octagon barrel with a patent date of 1864?


What is the value of a 22 cal 4 barrel sharp patent derringer?

10-1000 depending on specifics

What is your patent pending marksman repeater worth?

Brand new, they sell for under $25. Used they sell for around $10 - $15. This is one of the most inexpensive air guns made.

When was the first Wards Western Field 410 gauge repeater made?

My father used a Wards Western Field 410 gauge repeater as a young man. The gun I believe is approximately 70-80 years old. If you have a patent number you can contact the pantent office and they should be able to tell you when the shotgun was first produced.

H Pieper double barrel patent April 23 1881 NO 4673?

The H Pieper double-barrel patent of April 23, 1881, No 4673, is a patent registered in Belgium to Henri Pieper, allowing two shots to be fired in rapid succession. He created the double-barrel that is widely used today for shotguns. Henri Pieper registered 69 patents in Belgium from 1861 to 1896, in the field of the machines, shotguns, revolvers, cartridges and reducers, guns of rifles, Damas, various chargers of cartridges and ammunition belts.

What is the value of a 12 gauge double barrel self cocking shot gun marked Webley Lang patent?


Remington 12A serial number 491477. Last date stamped on barrel is April 16 1912. Any idea when it was manufactured?

Is was made in 1919, that is the patent date. I suspect I have the patent posted in the patent section of the Gallery on the Remington Society of America if you want to see it...

What is my marlin lever action 38-40 pistol grip serial 34195 no model designation 24 octagonal barrel marked marlin safety in script 3 patents through Aug 1893 top ejection?

Its probably a model 1894 & should be marked as such on the upper tang. Prior to the model 1894 Marlin made a Model 1889 in the same calibres that was not marked. But, a 1889 should only have 2 patent dates, 1887 & 1889 I believe. It is possible you have a model 1889 with a model 1894 barrel on it.

I have an old Remington shotgun that I would like to know the age of I cant find a model number on it although on the side of the barrel it says MOD RJ it is a 12 ga Patent is 436341?

I can't tell from a patent #, is it a pump or auto? Is the RJ on the left side of the barrel near the receiver if so that's a date code from November 1940.

What is the model number of your j Stevens lever action the patent date stamped on the barrel mar 1910 it is a 32 rem cal?


What is the estimated manufactured date of a Ranger double barrel 12 gauge shot gun patent date 1915?

1920's or so.

What is age of Winchester model 52 serial 6257 latest patent stamped on barrel 1920?

your Winchester model 52 was made in 1926.

What is the value of a 38 sw special ctg stamped on right side of barrel 6-cylinder revolver no patent date left side of barrel smith and Wesson?

Age of smith Wesson serial no 5K4166

Revolver has New Police 38 on barrel left side and frame Barrel right side and patent dates on top agree with Police Positive Serial no 6 What is it?

what's the serial number ???? Serial number 6

Would anyone know where to find a Meriden model 15 firing pin?

Since Meriden stopped production in 1918 the firing pin will have to be made. The model 15 was made from a savage patent so you might be able to adapt a firing pin from an early model savage rifle. I saw a picture of the model 15 on the web and it looks a lot like the savage model 29 that was made in 1929-1933.