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Mustang- A type of wild horse that are tough and reliable

Mustang car- A powerful Ford car

The Mustang Car was named by Phil Clark after the Original Wild Mustangs of the Plains of Nevada.

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Q: What is a Mustang car?
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What is faster a mustang car or a mustang horse?

The Car

Which car is faster the jeep or mustang?


How much is a 69 mustang car?

Depends on if the car is restored or not and which 1969 Mustang you are talking about.

Which is faster 2002 jaguar or 2004 mustang cobra?

mustang cobra.........because a jaguar is a lugery car and a mustang is a sports car.

What type of car is a blue jeans?

mustang mustang

Who makes the Mustang?

Ford is the maker of the Mustang car.

Where can one purchase a Mustang car cover?

A Mustang car cover can be purchased from a Mustang dealership. Other places to look are shops that specialize in car covers, such as The Cover Store.

Which car company makes the Mustang?

ford make the mustang

How old is a mustang car?

The first Ford Mustang was a 1964 model , Ford is still making the Mustang

Would kit car insurance be useful for a classic mustang?

"Any car that is put on the road in the United States requires at least basic coverage. A mustang being a kit car is eligible for kit car insurance, and for a car such as a mustang it might be worth getting."

Is a mustang a carnivore herbivore or an omnivore?

A mustang is a car so it is neither.

Was the mustang car named after the plain?

No it was named after the Wild Mustang Horses.

Is it a Ford Mustang on GTAiv?

No, there is not a Ford Mustang in GTA IV. You can mod your car using a computer to get a Mustang but otherwise there is not a Mustang in GTA IV.

What kind of car is known as a Pony Car?


What was the car in you are legend?


What is Mustang Roush well known for?

Mustang Roush is well known for designing the American Mustang car. He is the creator and designer of the all-American car and has made millions from the creation.

Why was the mustang built?

the mustang was built for speed and power it was the fastest car in the 60

Who would win in a race the 2010 Chevy Camaro or the 2010 Ford Mustang?

Mustang would beat almost any muscle car by racing. Mustang has been known to beat the camaro. Motortrend has been doing tests and so has edmunds and Mustang has been beating the camaro since the 90s the new 5.0 mustang has been a huge popular car as one of the fasest mustang's and the camaro has been out of business since 2005-2009. Mustang's are a classic to ford and the mustang shelby gt500 2010 has been the fastest muscle car of the time. So if your looking for a muscle car pick the mustang!

What is the most popular of car accessories to buy for a Ford Mustang?

Car covers are one of the most popular accessories for the Ford Mustang.

What is Justin Bieber 1st car?

his 1st car is a mustang

Where could you buy a mustang?

A car or a horse? Where could you buy a mustang horse? [Sorry about that]

What car is faster camaro or the shelby mustang?

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 BY FAR!!

What car is faster corvette zr1 or Boss mustang 302?

Boss 302, mustang

What is the car from the film mirrors?


Is mustang an actual car?