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There are three different things that the phrase "Newton meter", all of them related to the unit of force called a "Newton":

A unit of energy also known as a Joule. When a force of 1 Newton is applied on an object for a distance of 1 meter then 1 Joule of energy is used. It is the result of a vector calculation involving the meter (a unit of length in the SI system) and the Newton (the unit of force in the SI system).

A unit of torque. (Turning force.) When a force of 1 Newton is applied at a distance of 1 meter from the pivot at right angle to the radius then a torque of 1 Newton Meter is present. It is the metric equivalent of lb ft.
A "Newton-metre" is a unit of torque or turning force. As described above it 1 Newton-metre (Nm) is equal to the turning force produced by 1N of force acting at right angles 1 m from the pivot point. It is a vector quantity.

A device that measures force. It is a meter that measures Newtons.

A "Newton meter" is a device that measures force. The most common design is a cylinder containing a spring inside. Objects can be attached to the spring by a hook. The force acting caused by the object causes the spring to expand. A gauge on the cylinder then shows how much force is acting on the meter.

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You should also note that the Joule is a scalar quantity while the Newton-metre is a vector which is why we don't use Nm when referring to energy, only when referring to Torque or Moment of a Force. Torque and turning force are not quite the same thing. A torque is the turning effect of a couple while a moment is the turning effect of a force.
"Newton" is a force. "Meter" is a distance. "Newton-meter" is 'work' or 'energy'.
It's the amount of work you do, or the amount of energy it takes, to push with
a force of 1 newton, and keep pushing until you've moved 1 meter.

In English units:
It's the amount of energy it takes to lift 11.8 ounces 1 foot straight up off the table.
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Who invented the Newton meter?

Sir Isaac Newton created the Newton Meter basically. Hemade the measurement and the mathematics behind it, but didn'tcreate name or publish it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The newon.metre is a unit of torque in the SI system. The relatio ( Full Answer )

When did Isaac newton invent the newton meter?

Isaac Newton did not invent the newton meter. It was invented byothers, and it was the bane of his existence. He spent many fruitless hours, while onbreak from his weightier and more forceful work, trying to get rid of it. Since Newton worked at home, the monthly visits by HRH's JouleCounters never ( Full Answer )

When was the newton meter invented?

The exact date of the Newton Meter is unknown, but it was in themid 1600's. Sir Isaac Newton was the founder of the Newton Meter.

What is another name for a newton meter?

It's a newton-metre, folks. A newton meter or N·m is the SI measurement of torque. Another measurement of torque is pounds foot of torque. A newton meter can also be a measurement of energy, and is the energy required to lift a one Newton weight one meter against earth's gravity that is to say ( Full Answer )

How does a Newton Meter work?

A Newton meter is a device that measures force. The simple ones that you typically see in high school laboratoriesuse a spring that stretches or is compressed as a force is applied.They have an indicator needle that shows how much force is applied.See link below for a picture. More sophisticated o ( Full Answer )

Who invented newton meter?

isaac newton has invented the newton meter.the SI unit of force is newton,therefore the symbol of newton is N. (Unfortunately, nobody wanted or needed it, so he could do nothing with it, and had to keep it in his desk drawer, until the SI system was developed almost 150 years later.) .

What is a newton meter used for?

There are two different, and quite unrelated, meanings. 1. Newton x meter is the unit of work, which can basically be understood as a transfer of mechanical energy. Thus, energy is also used in newton-meters, commonly called joules. 2. Newton x meter is the unit for torque (which can be consider ( Full Answer )

How do you make a Newton meter?

This question refers to the SI unit of force, the Newton. The SIunits which comprise the Newton are kilograms times meters persecond squared (kg*m/s^2). This quantity can be created by applyinga force to the surface area of one meter.

When did Sir Isaac Newton invent the newton meter?

He didn't. The newton unit is defined as a kilogram-meter per second squared, meaning it does not predate the invention of the kilogram, meter, and (scientifically defined) second. The international prototype kilogram was standardized in 1889, so the newton does not predate this year, at least.

Can convert newton meters to psi?

You cannot convert "Newton meters" to psi.. psi is a pressure and "newton per square meter" is also a pressure that is called pascal (Pa).. Here is a fine pressure converter:. Scroll down to related links and look at "Conversion of pressure or stress units".

What was the origin of the newton meter?

The newton meter is a unit of measurement invented by Isaac Newtonto measure torque. He also invented a unit of measurement calledthe newton (N) to measure force. Both are still used today in theSI system of measurement.

What is a newton per square meter?

One Newton (N) per square meter (m 2 ) is one Pascal (Pa) and is a unit of pressure, just like pounds per square inch (psi). 1 N/m 2 = 1 Pa

Newton meters to kilometers hour?

A Newton.meter is a unit of work, it is called the Joule, in the SI system. By kilometres hour I suppose you mean kilometres/hour which is a speed, there is no connection between these two quantities

How many millimeters in a newton-meter?

You have the wrong understanding of millimeters. A Newton.meter is a unit of work, it is called the Joule in the SI system. A millimeter is a distance, equal to 1/1000 of a meter.

Who invented the newton meter and when?

Chances are that the Newton Meter was invented around the time of Newton's life/death. perhaps he invented it himself. Sir Isaac Newton created the newton metre 261 years ago because he wondered how to measure the weight of water. Sir Isaac newton was a very clever and good scientist. == ( Full Answer )

How do you calculate newton meters?

Newton is the unit for Force, which is mass (kg) x acceleration (m/s/s). Torque is the force apply to a circular motion. If you have a wheel with 1 meter radius and you apply 1 Newton of force to make it turn. The Torque would be 1 N x 1 M = 1 NM.

What is a newton meter for?

A newton metre is the SI unit for torque, symbol Nm, and is also technically equivalent to the joule. A newton meter is a term sometimes used to reference a spring scale, which uses a spring and Hooke's law to measure the force exerted in a linear direction. For purposes of avoiding confusion, using ( Full Answer )

Another name for a newton meter?

Another name for a Newton metre is a force metre because a newton metre measres force.. For example 1 newton doesn't have much force but 50 newtons has a lot of force.. By Rebecca Page

The newton meter is also known as what?

A type of energy that we label "work." A Joule is the work done by a force of 1 N acting on an object for a distance of 1 m. 1 [J] = 1 [N] * 1 [m]. Watch out for the definition of distance. If the object travels 1 m but ends up where it begins, the work done = 0, because the net distance travel ( Full Answer )

How newton differs from newton meter?

A "Newton" is a measure of force, a "newton meter" is a measure of energy. Answer A newton is the SI unit for force , whereas a newton metre is the unit for torque . The SI unit for work or energy is the joule, which is numerically equal to a newton metre, ONLY when the the force acts i ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a Newton and a Newton Meter?

"Newton" is a unit of force. "Newton-meter" is a unit of energy. It's the energy expended by a force of one newton acting through a distance of one meter. Answer A newton is the SI unit for force. A newton metre is the SI unit for torque.

How do you convert newton meters to inches?

This question cannot be answered in a sensible way. A Newton metre (or Joule) is a measure of energy or work, with dimensions [L 2 MT -2 ]. An inch is a measure of length, with dimensions [L]. Basic dimensional analysis teaches that you cannot convert between measures with different dimensions wi ( Full Answer )

What is force newton meter?

Newton is a force. If you multiply Newtons times meters, you get an energy. The unit is also known by the name Joule, or watt-second. Multiplying Newtons times meters can also give you a torque (not related to energy).\n

What is 1 newton meter?

1 newton x 1 meter can be one of the following: A) A joule, the unit of energy and of work. B) The unit of torque. In this case, it is written newton-meter; there is no special name for it. This use is completely unrelated to the unit of energy, even though it happens to use the product of the s ( Full Answer )

What does a newton meter measure?

A Newton metre measures torque. It can also be used to measure energy, in which case, it is the equivalent of a joule..

How do you convert newton meter to newton?

The Newton cannot be converted into meters; they don't measure the same thing. Newtons measure force or weight. The Newton is however a derived unit; a kgm/s>2.

Why is work described as Newton meters?

One definition of work is "Force acting through distance". The quantity of work is (force) multiplied by (distance through which the force acts). The 'dimension' of work is [Force] multiplied by [Distance]. "Newton" is a unit of force. "Meter" is a unit of distance. When you multiply a f ( Full Answer )

How many newtons can there be in a newton meter?

The question does not make sense. The newton and newton meter are different units, so: for a force of120 newton meters, you can have a 10 newtons over 12 meters, 5newtons over 24 meters, 0.5 newtons over 240 meters, 50 newtonsover 2.4 meters, and so on.

What is one newton per meter?

A newton is a unit of force, a meter is a unit of length. The unit newton / meter is used as the unit for the string constant - a string reacts with more force if it is stretched more. A newton is a unit of force, a meter is a unit of length. The unit newton / meter is used as the unit for the stri ( Full Answer )

Why is a newton meter called a newton meter?

Because it's the amount of work done when a force of 1 newton pushes through a distance of 1 meter . Alternative Answer There are, in fact, two answers. The first answer is that it the amount of work done when a force of 1 N is applied through a distance of 1 m in the direction of ( Full Answer )

How would you calibrate a newton meter?

Apply a known load to the scale and measure its change in length. According to Hooke's law, as long as the spring isn't overstressed, the force it provides is proportional to the extension. As long as you don't overstress the spring, this means that if a 1 Newton carrot extends the spring 1 centim ( Full Answer )

Deca newton-meter of torque?

The deca Newton meter of torque is 0.1 to one Newton meter. Inrelation to the kilo meter of torque, it is .001. Many convertersare available online for torque measurements.

Is a newton meter the same as joule?

No, although a joule equals a newton times a meter, that is not correct. Joules are unites of energy, while newton meters are units of torque. It is dimensionally correct to multiply energy time the torque, but it just doesn't make any sense at all.

What is conversion equation from newtons to newton meters?

You cannot convert newtons to newton-meters because they are measuring different things. It's like asking to convert pounds to degrees Fahrenheit. A newton is a measure of Force, with units (mass X distance)/(time X time), and newton meters is a measure of work or energy, with units (mass X distance ( Full Answer )

How does a newton meter measure force?

A Newton meter does not measure force! Newton meter measures energy E. A Newton measures force. A Nm (Newton Metre)is also the unit used to measure TORQUE which is the twisting energy available if a force of 1Newton was acting at a radius of 1metre on the end of a shaft. A Newton is equal to 0.102 K ( Full Answer )

Is a Newton-meter the same as a joule?

Yes - when used in the context of energy or work. However, the product newton x meter is also used as a unit of torque; in this case, it is unrelated to energy or work, and is simply called newton-meter. The Nm is the unit resulting from the equation: Work done = Force applied (N) x Linear displace ( Full Answer )

Who are Newton meters names after and why?

The Newton is named in honour of Sir Isaac Newton. Meter comes from the word French word "metre" - to measure. Newton meter can mean either: a/ A meter to measure Newtons, i.e. Force. b/ A measurement of torque (like foot pound) meaning a force of 1 newton applied at a distance of 1 meter ( Full Answer )

What is the term for newton meter?

A Newton meter (N·m) is the SI unit for torque, force applied to the lever arm x the length of the lever arm. A Joule, the unit for energy or work, is also a N·m.

How do you convert Newton Meter to newton per square meter?

You can't, as they are used to measure two different quantities. The newton metre is used to measure torque, and the newton per square metre (which is actually called a pascal) is used to measure pressure.

Is a newton-meter the same as a newton?

No because a Newton-meter is what measures Newtons. Newton is the name given to a force and a Newton-meter is how you measure the force. Answer If your spelling of 'meter' is British English, then a meter is a measuring device -so a newton meter is a device for measuring force in newt ( Full Answer )

Who invented Newton Meter and why?

well funnily enough the newton meter was invented by issac newton. dunno why. he founded gravity so its a way of finding the amount of gravity pulling down on the object.

How much newtons are in 2 meters?

newtons are how high the gravity of a planet is which relates to measurement of of an object's weight not distance