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In the back of most desktop computers are removable tabs that cover slots that have been cut into the frame. When you remove the cover from your computer you will see that there are slots which align with the tabs. A tab can be removed and an interface card can be installed at that location. PCI BUSS and PCI slots are one of the types of communication formats used by desktop computers.

is a computer bus for attaching hardware devices in a computer. ... trexie z. umpad to........

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Q: What is a PCI slot?
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What is the difference between a pci slot and a pci express slot?

The main difference is the length of the slot. Generally speaking, PCI slot is more longer than PCI express slot.. The PCI express is the latest version of PCI. it is more powerful and can receive more frequency than PCI

Can you install a PCI-E card into a PCI slot?

no, a pci express card (PCI-E) will not fit into a PCI slot, their "plugs" are two different shapes and configurations. in addition, the PCI slot will not be fast enough to handle a PCI-E card

What is the purpose of a PCI slot?

A PCI slot is used for Graphic cards and other expansions such as PCI based modems.

Is the PCI controller slot the same as PCI host controller slot?


What is a PCI-X slot?

It is the computer port that was superseeded by the PCI-Express slot.

Which is faster a PCI slot or ISA slot on a motherboard?

The PCI slot is faster. Offer mayor speed because the PCI use more faster BUSes and new architectures. The PCI EXPRESS is the newest version of the PCI architecture.

Will a PCI Express graphics card work in a PCI-X slot?

NO. If you have a pci-x slot, probably it is a server, and you want to upgrade your graphics card, you can buy a PCI card and plug it into your PCI-X slot. It should work probably.

How many pins does a PCI slot have?

A 32-bit PCI slot has 62 pins. A 64-bit PCI slot has 94 pins.

Is the pci express 2x16 backward compatible with the pci express x16 slot?

YES, the pci express 2x16 backward compatible with the pci express x16 slot.

Purpose of pci slot?

the slot for the ram

Is the pci slot the same as pci port?


Will pci express x 1 work in a x16 slot?

it will work in pci express 1.0 slot

What are PCI cards?

PCI cards are devices that are connected to a computer via a PCI slot.

What are the examples of expansion slot?


Can you replace a PCI slot with a PCI Express slot without replacing your motherboard?

No. Because the architectures (design) are not equals and the PCI Express have more speed on Its bus.

What is the purpose of PCI slot?

The purpose of the PCI slot is to add expansion cards such as a modem card, or a network card.

Can you plug a PCI video card into a PCI E slot?

No, PCI Cards will not fit on PCI-E slots

What are the types of pci slots?

The types of PCI boards: PCI - Express x16, PCI- Express x1, AGP, PCI boards. PCI boards have 2 types of slots, 32-bit slot and 64 bit slot. 32-bit slot (3.3v and 5.0v), for 64 bit (3.3v and 5.0v). 64bit slots are longer than 32 bit slots. However a 32 bits slot can be used in a 64 bit slot.

Can you put a graphics card in a pci slot?

Yes. It must be a card capable of running on a PCI slot. Check with and use an advanced search with a PCI interface. NOT PCI Express.

Will a agp x 8 video card fit into a pci slot?

No. An AGP slot is both physically and electrically different from a PCI slot.

Will a PCI Express video card work on an agp motherboard that has PCI slot?

no. only on a pcie slot. buy a mainboard with such

How do you know if you have a pci slot or a pci express slot?

You can find out by accessing your motherboard manufacturers page and looking up the specs

What is the part of motherboard?

like pci slot dimms slot..

Are PCI cards compatible with PCI-X?

PCI and PCI-X are generally interchangeable, but operating a PCI-X card in a PCI slot will degrade performance significantly.

Can you plug a PCI video card into a PCI slot not PCI-E?

It is not advisable. Can actually cause damage.