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What is a Picasso painting worth?

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It varies, depending on the painting. Pierrette's Wedding by Picasso was auctioned at Drouot's in Paris for $51,300,000.00. In 2004 his Garçon à la Pipe (Boy with a Pipe)was sold at auction for $104,100,000.00.

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Q: What is a Picasso painting worth?
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Is any Picasso painting worth something?

yes Picasso was a great Artus

How much is the painting Guernica by Picasso approximately worth?

Noone can tell, but another Picasso painting was sold this week for 106.5 million dollars.

Is Picasso a painting?

Picasso was a painter.

What age did Pablo Picasso do his last painting?

Pablo Picasso did his last painting when was 91

How much is the limited edition painting the kiss by Picasso?

If it genuine it is estimated to be worth about $1,400 - $2,100

What is the medium of the painting Portrait of Picasso?

Portrait of Picasso is not a painting, but a famous poem by Gertrude Stein.

What is Picasso style painting or drawing?

Picasso uses cubism.

Who inspired Pablo Picasso Picasso?

he was inspired by his father's painting

What style of painting did pablo Picasso?

He did abstract painting.

How did Picasso succeed in the painting guernica?

He was good in painting.

How did Picasso do his watercolor 'The Family of Acrobats'?

The well-known painting of this title by Picasso is an oil painting on canvas.

What style of abstract painting did Picasso use?

Pablo Picasso use the abstract painting technique called Cubism.

Is a Picasso print titled Girl's Head by Modern Classics Inc. New York A Modern Classics Series worth anything?

What is it worth to you? Whatever it is worth to you, is what the painting is worth.

How old was Picasso when he did his last painting?

picasso was 89 when he last painted

Can you give an anecdote about Pablo Picasso?

A woman thought she could not understand the Picasso painting she had just bought. So she went to Picasso with it and asked him how he would explain it. Picasso answered: 'Madame, this is your painting, not mine.'

A quote from Pablo Picasso?

Picasso was present at an exhibition of his pictures. A man approached him, pointed at a painting and said : "What on earth is this painting about?" Picasso answered: "About 300,000 francs, my friend".

What painting medium did Picasso use when painting 'Guernica'?

His name was Picasso. 'Guernica' was created in oil paint on canvas.

Are Picasso photos worth as much as a painting?

"No, the paintings would be worth more ,because of the material. The photos are not worth as much ,because they are just copies that you can get off the internet as well."

What age did Picasso start painting?

Picasso startes painting at an early age. He began drawing and paintin before he began speaking.

What baroque artist inspired Picasso?

He inspired picasso by painting "his mother' Julie

What painting is Picasso famous for?

Picasso's most famous painting is Guernica

When did Pablo Picasso start cubism?

•Pablo Picasso started painting cubism in 1908

What Picasso painting is titled 'Man'?

None of Picasso paintings are titled "Man". However, in his painting "Blue Room" there is a depiction of a man hidden in the painting, and is often referred to as "Man".

What method did Picasso use painting Guernica?

Picasso's 'Guernica' is an oil painting.

What did Picasso wear while he was painting?

tell me the answer