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Paintings Pattern or Item Oil On Board DescriptionLandscape, Cows Near Stream, Frame, Thos. B. Craig, '79, 9 x 17 In. Year 2001 Price $1320.00 this is from an art price book - so his paintings go for this - I have a print that was glued to a canvas and was trying to find the price of it - I would assume its not worth much - only the oil on board. Thomas Bigelow Craig (Woodland, New York, 1849-1924) 10" x 14" oil on canvas. Titled "Meadowlands and Brook". Signed lower left "Thos. B. Craig". Title and also signed again "Thos. B. Craig ANA" on back of canvas. Thomas Craig, known for his landscapes of grazing cows, was born in Philadelphia and then later moved to New York City in 1889. He was a member of the National Academy, Salmagundi Club and Artists Fund Society. He exhibited at the National Academy of Design for forty-five years. He is listed in Dawdy, Fieldings, Hughes, Mallett, Who's Who, Davenports, etc. Two small scratches; otherwise, in fine original condition with original frame. EST. $1000. - $2000. Price: $1925.00

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