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What is a Remington wingmaster model 870 LW 410 ga worth?


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Depending on the condition it could range anywhere from $650.00 to $950.00

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Depends on whether its a wingmaster model or an express model...wingmaster go for around $800 and express models go for about $600...

A Remington 870 .410 Wingmaster produced between 1964 & 1994 with a plane barrel and in fair condition (80%) is worth about $265.00. A .410 that is like new (98%) and with a VR is worth $575.00. lcj

The 870 Wingmaster is still made in .410

There was no Remington Model 11-80. The Model 11-87 was/is not produced in .410. The Model 1100 semiauto and the Model 11-48 semiauto were.

The 1148 in 410 ga. was introduced in 1954 and discontinued in 1969.

Not a Model 412, a 410 bore shotgun. Pump, Auto, ??? More information needed. If it is a .410 20 years ago the only think that comes to mind they made is a 870 Wingmaster (pump) Well the 11-48 but it would have to had been at least 20 years old when you bought it. The Remington Society of America forums would help you out.

1969.Remington introduced Model 870 field models in 28 gauge and .410, which were issued with scaled-down receivers, and lightweight mahogany stocks and fore-ends. Remington also introduced Model 870 "Matched Pair" 20 gauge and .410 Skeet guns with walnut stocks and hard carrying cases, selling for $395ºº the pair. Over the next three years 1,503 pairs would be sold. Remington also introduced a 20 gauge Model 870 Brushmaster Deer Gun in Standard or Deluxe versions. Remington contracted with the U.S. Marine Corps to fabricate 3,231 Model 870 Mk-1 military-style, 12 gauge Model 870 shotgun with 7-shot magazine extensions and fitted with bayonet attachments.

Not sure what they are worth but I look at one at my local gunshop today and they are asking $3,995.00.

remington model1100 410 serial n283970h

while most guages are worth 100$ or so the .410 is worth 150$

i have a model 940 E 410 shotgun how old is it and what is it worth

Question?????////How much is the westpoint model 410 30-06 worth.

year 1974 found out from remington from a post on this site thanks rwb 71942@hotmail ,com

I have a Parker Hale model 07 410 dble trigger with checkering and inlay what is the value of the gun

Remington has never made a firearm with the model designation of 812

value of a hudson model ws 410 shotgun

there are several makers of the 410 auto-loader. my favorite is the Saiga .410, ( it is a military style tough looking gun. the other makers are: Rmiington, model 1100, sporting 410 , and I think that might be all. the Remington 1100 is a nice shooting gun. worthy of the Remington name.

cooey 410 gauge model 840 Winchester Canada. single shot

you can put a 3'' in a Remington 812 2 3/4" but eventually it'll blow the barrel, wouldn't recommend it.

I have had several of the 410 37a youth and full value is 125 to 200 depending on condition

You need to contact Remington for a correct answer.

it is worth about 100 to 200 in perfict condition only

$50 - $100, depending on condition.

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