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Q: What is a Seed leaf which food is stored?
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Seed leaf in which food is stored?


What are the daily changes of seed after sown in the soil?

Life cycle of seed : Seed Coat - Protects the inside of the seed. Embryo - the beginning of the new plant. Endosperm - Stored food in a monocotyledon. Stored Food - a plant uses stored food until it grows leaves that can make food. Monocot - a type of seed that has only one cotyledon. Dicot - a type of seed that has two cotyledons. Cotyledon - Leaf-like structure that absorbs and digest food stored in the seed. Germination - the process of growing a new plant from a seed.

When does a seed use it stored food?

A seed uses its stored food when it is growing.

When a seed uses it's stored food?

A seed uses its stored food when it is growing.

Where the food is stored in plants?

The actual answer is the leaf. The leaf is the storage home of the food inside plants. The roots suck the food. But it gets stored in the leaf.

What is a flowering plant that produces seeds with one seed leaf and stored food?

The grain of wheat or maize or any other cereal

What form is food stored in a seed?

Food that is stored inside of a seed is said to be stored in dormant form. This means that the seed will not grow until it is in a place with plenty of good soil, food, and water.

The stored food in a seed?

endosperm :) (well is its a seed anyways)

Is food stored in seeds?

yes food is stored in the seeds

Where is stored food found in a dicot seed?

the seed coat

Is a dicot seeds food stored in the seed coat?

No, it is stored in the cotyledones

When will a seed plant use the food stored inside the seed?

during fertilization.