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to live in that state they represent

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Q: What is a Senator and representative residency requirement?
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Is a 30 year old a senator president or a representative?

I believe you are referring to the minimum age requirement to be a representative, senator or president. You must be at least 25 to be a representative, 30 to be a senator, or 35 to become president.

How long do you have to live in the Unites States to be eligible to run for the house of representative?

There is no minimum time of residency requirement for the House of Representatives.

What is the age requirement to become a senator?

the age requirement for a senator is 30 years of age

How much older does a senator have to be than a representative?

A Senator must be 30 years old at the time of the election and a member of the House must be only 25 years old. There is a shorter citizenship requirement also.

Is Mike Easly a senator?

Mike easly is a representative, not a senator.

Is a state senator the same as a representative?

no they are not

What is the residency requirement for a divorce in Ohio?

Ohio state

What is the requirement for permanent residency visa married to a filipino?

please, anyone can help me? i need to know what is the requirement for permanent residency visa of American married to a filipina?

Are us senators and state senators the same?

No. a US Senator is your Representative to the Federal Government. and your State Senator is your Representative to your individual State.

Does a senator has to served first as representative?

No. A Senator does not have to serve in the House of Represenatives first.

What is the difference between a districts representative and a senator?

The difference between a district representative and a senator is the pay scale. A senator would get paid more. There is also a difference in the number of constituents for each. A senator represents an entire state, and a district representative only represents a part of the state.

What is the Washington residency requirement for filing a dissolution?

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