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i dont know the correct spelling so i will spell it how it sounds " hi lie " the players wear a woven curved basket on their hand and throw a hard rubber ball of a wall. Correct. Jai Alai

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Q: What is a Spanish sport?
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How do you say sport in spanish?

"Sport" in Spanish is "deporte".

How do you transilate sport in Spanish?

deporte is sport in Spanish

How do you say my favorite sport in spanish?

"My favorite sport" in Spanish is "mi deporte favorito".

What does sport elegante mean in Spanish?

elegant sport

What is a sport starting with h in Spanish?

Hockey is a sport starting with h in Spanish as there is no translation for the English word.

What is fronto?

a spanish sport

Famous spanish sport?


What does sport mean in Spanish?


What Spanish sport starts with RR?

I learned this in Spanish class. There is no word, let alone sport name that begins with the double r.

What is the most popular sport in spanish?

Football is the most popular sport in Spain!:)

What are some terms in Spanish for the sport of volleyball?

Volleyball is translated as 'voleibol' in Spanish

What was the effect on England of the defeat of the Spanish colonies?

We finally beat the spanish at a sport

How do you say a team sport in spanish?

"A team sport" is "Un deporte de equipo."

What sport is Spanish football in English?


What sport was brought to Mexico by the Spanish?


What is the most popular Spanish sport?

soccer or futball

How do you say I like sport in Spanish?

Me gusta deportes.

How do you say her favorite sport is in spanish?

deporte favorito

What do this mean in Spanish deporte favorito?

Favorite sport

What is crackovia?

Crackovia is a spanish TV show about sport.

Is there national sport in Peru?

soccer or in spanish futbol

What Spanish sport shoe was founded in 1977?


What sport does spanish people like?

Fútbol! Or soccer.

Is pelota a popular sport in Spain?

It's not a sport that is a ball in spanish it is a tennis ball or baseball in spanish, a soccer ball and basketball is el balon in spanish La pelota-tennis/baseball La balon-basketball/soccer

What Spanish sport did the Captain of the Maine find to be barbaric?