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What is a Stevens model 67 shotgun worth?


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The Stevens Model 67 Pump Shotgun was available in 12, 20 & 410 ga. and discontinued from production in 1989. Originals are blued with a walnut stock & built on a steel receiver, 3" chambers and 5 shot tube magazine. Barrel lengths and choke systems varied considerably. Currrent worth per the 2008 Encyclopedia of Firearms of Gun Digest publications is as follows: (of course the grades are based on NRA standards. If unfamiliar check out the NRA grading system..) Excellent = $250, VG = $175, Good = $150, Fair = $100, Poor = $75 This assumes all operational parts are present and it's in safe working order. I hope this provides the information you needed if any further feel free to contact me though I am primarily into Black Powder I grew up shooting & have a decent working knowledge & interest in all things shooting related. 12/12/09 "DOC" Jim Ramski Vernon, TX