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Toby mugs are ceramic mugs sold in Britain. The mugs have caricatures on them usually old sailors. They are quite popular in the collecting trade. One of the most famous is the Toby Jug seen over the fireplace on the movie 'Twelve O'Clock High' made in the late 40's.

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Q: What is a Toby mug?
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What is a man-shaped mug?

A man-shaped mug is a "toby." It is a jug or mug used for ale or beer that has a stout shape with a top shaped like a 3 corner hat.

What is the value of a six inch Mr Pickwick Royal Doulton Toby Mug?

July 2008 I was in an antique shop in Saratoga, California and the price on the Mr. Pickwick Toby Mug was $220. I looked on eBay today and there is one mug from a dealer who states "book price" at $175 but has the mug listed at a "buy it now" price of $80 including the cost of shipping.

How can you find out what the markings on the bottom of a Toby mug mean?

First take a good digital picture of the markings on the bottom and write down anything you can not capture. Ebay is a great way to find knowledgeable people on Toby mugs and shoot it off to them to see if they can direct you to the right answer for age of mug and worth. Besides the marking, if there is an artist's signature on the bottom, it may help date the mug. Royal Doulton was known for the true Toby Mug. A local antique appraiser in fine china can help you here too.

What is the value of John Barleycorn Toby Jug?

Toby mug number RdNo 782778 would very much like to know what it is worth and how old it is

What is the value of an Anne Boleyn Toby mug?

It depends on the age, the maker, and of course, the condition. Try to learn as much about it as you can. Your library might have a book about Toby mugs. There are people who study them, and collect them. There might even be a website that is just about Toby mugs.

What is the Toby mug seen in movie 12 o'clock high?

It was a Robin Hood mug. The original movie prop was stolen in the 1990's and never recovered. The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum sells replica's of it.

What is value of Toby mug The Cardinal?

Many of the figurines are valued in price close to $40 each. The exact price will depend upon the condition that it is in.

What is the value of the lawyer Toby mug is there a web sitehow can i find the value of other mugs?

Hi, check out the website "" They may have your answer! Good luck..

What is the value of Tale Teller Melba Ware Toby mug?

Many of the figurines are valued in price close to $40 each. The amount will vary depending upon the condition that it is in.

Why does the metal mug feel colder than the plastic mug though the temperatures are the same?

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A ball and a book cost 3.50 A book and a mug costs 6.50 A mug and a ball cost 6.50 Find the price of a ball a book and of a mug?

ball + book = 3.5 book + mug = 6.5 mug + ball = 6.5 adding that all up gives us: ball + book + book +mug + mug + ball = 3.5 + 6.5 + 6.5 2*ball + 2*book + 2*mug = 16.5 2*(ball+book+mug) = 16.5 ball+book+mug = 8.25 Answer: 8.25

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