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it is made out of poo and wee

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How many houses in the house of Tudor and what are they?

they were the House of York and The House of Lancester Together they made the Tudor rose

What is in a Tudor home?

a Tudor home is a house that belongs to a Tudor, they were made with wooden beams that were cut by hand. u can tell it is a real Tudor house because the beams aren't straight

How do you make a Tudor house?

instuction about making a Tudor house

When was Tudor House School created?

Tudor House School was created in 1897.

Why is The Tudor Period called The Tudor Period?

It was called the Tudor era because it was ruled by the house of Tudor.

What is the motto of Tudor House School?

Tudor House School's motto is 'Indomino Confido'.

What is Tudor House School's motto?

The motto of Tudor House School is 'Learning for life'.

What is the name of the house in cluedo?

Tudor Mansion (previously Tudor Close and Tudor Hall)

How do you make a Tudor house out of paper?

get paper. fold it. it looks like a tudor house at this stage

When was Owen Tudor Hedges House created?

Owen Tudor Hedges House was created in 1860.

When was the Tudor rose made?

The Tudor rose was made in 1485 when also Henry Tudor became king.

What are Tudor House?

Tudor houses are wooden houses where the tudors used to live. they are made from timber and straw. the straw is for the roof were it is woven in. i love Joel Thomson

What kind of houses did Tudors live in?

well Tudor houses was sometimes made out of wattle and daub and wooden window frames and wooden doors. they would of had house painted white. this is a picture of a Tudor house this might be one like your house.

What two people are the founders of the house of Tudor?

the guy who made pornn with my right and left nut

What did a poor Tudor house look like?

A poor Tudor house looked like a piece of ckicken from KFC

The name of Henry the eighth's house?

The House of Tudor.

What was a house of office in a Tudor house?

A Privy, or Toilet

What are the main features of Tudor house and why is it important?

the main features of a Tudor house was the fire place that was because that was the only way to keep the house warm.

How much did a Tudor house cost in Tudor times?

A Tudor house cost £1 and 1 shilling

What was the Tudor football made of?

The Tudor Football was made out of Pigs Bladder bound in leather.

What are Tudor ships made from?

Traditionally ships of the Tudor period were made from English Oak.

Was Elizabeth I a Stuart?

No, she was from the House of Tudor.

How do you recognize a Tudor house?


Why did the Tudor period end?

Because Elizabeth I died. She was the last Tudor monarch. She had no children. The next ruling house was the House of Stewart.

How much would a Tudor merchant's house cost in Tudor times?

it costs £15