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What is a Wii made of?


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poopy poopy poopsicles yey plop


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the Nintendo wii was made in vanuatu.

No, Nintendo made the Wii.

Well i have a wii, if you mean who made the wii Nintendo did.

The first Wii game made was Wii Sports (made in 2006).

Nintendo made the Wii. really, google it, sheesh.

Answer:The company "Nintendo" made the Nintendo Wii.

The Nintendo Wii was made by Nintendo.

No, as of April 2014, there is no announcement for Minecraft to be made for the Nintendo Wii

The Wii was made first in Japan.

No it is not. The NINTENDO Wii is made by Nintendo.

It was never made for the wii.

A Wii game is a game disc that is made specifically for the Nintendo Wii.

A Nintendo wii is made of plastic, metal, and rubber. Any latex?

The main source of the Nintendo Wii is Japan.

No, there is no second Wii that is in progress to be made, nor is there a Wii 2 currently on the market.

Nintendo made it with the wii when it came out

The Wii is made by the Japanese company Nintendo. Their most recent gaming platform is the Wii U, which can be used in cooperation with the Wii. They also made the DS and 3DS.

little big planet is made by sony and wii is made by nintendo so no

WII IS THE BEST!!! NO QUESTION it didn't as of now wii has made 52.62 million and the 360 has made 30.20 million

It was Made in late 2008

I don't think your wii was made for porn...

Simply becaus Sony made the PlayStation and Nintendo made the Wii. Because the platform of your games is Playstaion/Sony, they are not compatible with the Wii.

they made a wii version resident evil 4 only lots more interactive you can play with the wii gun the wii numchuck and wii remote

They made the complete saga for wii, but not the first game because it came out before the wii.

No, you can't. Only games that are made to support Wii MotionPlus.

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