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Female are called Kassi's and male ones are called Emily's.

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What is the offspring of the electric eel called?

baby eel

What ia baby Eel called?

what ia baby eel called? what does "ia" mean? if your meant to say: what is a baby eel called? then this is the answer: little eels

A young eel is called?

Although it can also be called simply an eel or a baby eel, another term for a young eel is an elver.

Baby eel called?

Baby eels are called elver (juvenile)

What animals baby is called Elver?

The baby eel is called an elver

What is a baby eel called?


What is a baby eel?

its called an elver

What a baby eel called?


What is the difference between an eel and an electric eel?

The eel is not electric and is able to be touched by human where as the electric eel will zap you if you touch it.

How many babies does an electric eel have?

The electric eel can lay thousands of eggs at one. This means that thousands of baby eels can hatch in one season.

What shape does an electric eel have?

what shape is a Electric Eel

How long does an electric eel baby stay with it's mother?

Rug fryer

Is electric eel an animal?

yes a electric eel is an animal

What color is the electric eel?

The electric eel is the colour brown.

Who made the electric eel?

No one made the electric eel, it is an animal.

Who would win great barracuda or the electric eel?

electric eel

What does eel give birth to?

Eel give birth to baby. a baby eel

If an electric eel is not a true eel then what is it?

It is a catfish and carp. It is not an eel.

How does the electric eel use the electric discharge?

The Electric Eel uses the electric discharges for hunting and self defence

How does an electric eel have electricity?

an electric eel has specail bacteria that make electricity

What size does an electric eel get to?

An Electric Eel grows up to almost 8ft

Is a moray eel electric?

No, the moray eel is not an electric fish because it does not generate an electric field. The electric eel, electric catfish and electric rays are examples of electric fish who's electrical organ discharge can be used to stun their prey.

What is the average temperature of the water an electric eel lives in?

what is the avarage temperature for electric eel

Can an electric eel kill you?

It is possible, but the electric eel is more likely to seriously injure you.

What length is an electric eel?

On average the electric eel is approximately 6ft-8ft long.

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