What is a baby kangooro called?

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A baby kangaroo is called a joey. Joeys are born very early in the gestational period and stay in the pouch for around nine months.

What are baby crabs called?

there was this other website i saw and it said it is called larvae weird huh?

What is a baby newt called?

When a newt comes out of the egg, but still stays in the water it is called a larva Some newts have a terrestrial juvenile stage these are called efts. Some people just call them "kewt".

Baby horse is called?

Baby horses are called foals (under the age of 2). Age 2 - 3 years are called a filly (female, mare) and a colt (stud, stallion, gelding).

Baby dinosaur called?

Baby dinosaurs start off as ponies that fly from heaven, they also grow scales that turn them into a green slime that turns them into dionsaurs then they are called friend chicken

What do you call a baby hare?

A baby hare that is 1 year old or younger is called a leveret (leverets for plural). . More Answers A hare is a type of rabbit. So like a baby rabbit, it would be called a kitten (or kit). I know this sounds weird, but it's true. Kitten (or kit) is the names for rabbit infants, not hare inf ( Full Answer )

What is a baby anteater called?

An Anteater's babies are called pups. Most females will only givebirth to one pup. Females will be pregnant for around 190 days.

What are baby rattlesnakes called?

Baby snakes are known as snakelets or neonates (a newly-born snake) or hatchlings (a newly-hatched snake).

Whats a baby manatee called?

calf. The calf is also for cow. Remember manatees are also called sea cows so mabye there's where they got the name

What are jellyfish babies called?

An immature jellyfish is called ephyra . From the egg of a jellyfish, hatches a larva called planula .

Why are baby monkeys called infants?

Well, what are human babies called? Infants, since monkeys and apes are our "cousins" they share some of the same names that we do, for example, their young are called infants.

What a baby horse called?

A baby horse is called a foal. . a girl horse is a fily . a boy horse is a colt Once they grow up: . the girl becomes a mare . the boy becomes a stallion . A castrated stallion becomes a gelding . A breeding mare is a broodmare . A breeding stallion is a stud

What are baby raccoons called?

Baby raccoons are called kits. An baby raccoon is called a kit An baby raccoon is called a kit An baby raccoon is called a kit An baby raccoon is called a kit Kits

What is a baby of a deer called?

If it's a white-tailed deer, which is the type most people see andthink of, it's called a fawn. If it's a red deer, the baby iscalled a calf.

What is a horse baby called?

A foal is a horse of any gender that still suckles from its mother. A weanling is a horse of any gender that is being weaned from it's mother. A yearling is a horse of any gender between 1 and 2 years old. A filly is a girl horse less than 5 years old. A colt is a boy horse less than 5 years old.

What are baby Sheeps called?

Baby sheep are known as lambs, lambkins or cossets. Males are rams and females are ewes.

What is a baby bunny called?

A baby rabbit is normally called a 'Kit', just like baby cats are sometimes called.

What do you call baby geese?

A baby goose is called a gosling. The gosling follows behind themother goose or the father goose. The father or male goose iscalled a gander.

What are baby wolves called?

A baby Wolf can be called a cub, pup or whelp. Can be either cubs or pups. cub/s

What is a baby giraffe baby called?

The baby is referred to as a giraffeling . The female adult is a cow, and the male adult is a bull. The baby is referred to as a giraffeling . The female adult is a cow, and the male adult is a bull. The baby is referred to as a giraffeling . The female adult is a cow, and the male adult is a b ( Full Answer )

Who sings He Called You Baby Baby?

The songtitle is He Called ME Baby. Harlan Howard wrote it, Patsy Cline recorded it in February 1963,Candi Staton in 1971 as He Called Me Baby. Charlie Rich covered itin 1974 as She Called Me Baby. They all did justice to the song intheir own era of the 1960's & 1970's. I am eternally grate ( Full Answer )

What ia baby Eel called?

what ia baby eel called? what does "ia" mean? if your meant to say: what is a baby eel called? then this is the answer: little eels

What is a baby ganda called?

Ganda baBY is like me. Who do not always listen to her wife, collegues and home mates. he argues alot, but in the end, usually other people are right and ganda baby is wrong. He wastes a lot of time.

What do you call a baby wale?

;I went home / BUT I hat to do my Homework on the computer.; I saw ' 'my kiten on my window sill.

What is a baby shark called at birth?

Some sharks let their eggs hatch inside themselves so at birth they would be called a pup. Some sharks lay egg sacs. At birth those would be called egg sacs. Once they hatch they would also be pups.

Group of baby owls is called what?

Young owls are called owlets whether they are in a group or not. A group of adult owls is called a parliament.

Why are baby rabbits called kittens?

They are not called kittens they are called kits. "Kit" is short for "kittens" and, yes, some people do call them the full name. Baby rabbits used to be called "rabbits" -- the adults were called "coneys" (pronounced to rhyme with "honey"). More and more people dropped the word "coney" and starte ( Full Answer )

Is a baby Koala called a cub?

No. Young koalas are called joeys , because they are marsupials. The term 'cub' is reserved for bears, and koalas are not bears.

Can you call your baby Jesus?

I do not see what you should not be able to do so. In Spanish, Jesus is a common name.

If a donky and a hores have babies what is the baby called?

The offspring of a donkey and a horse is known as a mule. Becaus ethey are hybrids, they usually can't re-produce. This does occasionally happen, however. I know that it has happened a few times in the Grand Canyon!

Why are a horse's babies called ponies?

"Baby horses" are NOT called ponies. They are called foals, a colt if its a male foal, and a filly if its a female foal. Ponies are horses that are under 14.2 hands, but again, are not 'baby horses'. Bottom line, Ponies are not foals, nor will they ever be, there is a big difference betwe ( Full Answer )

What is a baby horses name called?

Ther term "Filly" or "Colt" can be used up to the age of four for a horse, the better term for a 'baby horse' is a "Foal".

Is a baby lion called a kitten?

No, a baby lion is called a cub. well a lioness's baby is called a cub lions can't have baby they are boys

What names could you call your baby?

Awesome girls names: Laurel Faye Bliss Arizona Cassie Ivy Mia Bella Rosalie Suzie Summer Melissa Becca Gabby Jodie Lullah Elsie Ruby Tori Tamsin Awesome Boys names: Gabriel Leon Olly Tobias Jesse Will Zack Lewis Cooper

What do japanees call baby sheep?

The Japanese word for sheep is "hitsuji." "Lamb" is "kohitsuji," "shepherd" is "hitsujikai," "wool" is "youmou."

What are animals and their babies called?

Different animal babies are called different things. Here are a few examples. Gorilla - Baby Bear - Cub Big Cat - Cub House Cat - Kitten Wolf - Cub Dog - Puppy Kangaroo - Joey Deer - Fawn Cow - Calf It depends on the animal in question.

What is a group of baby spiders called?

beleive it is called a cluster or other times known as a colony though i still cant find a definitive answer ! you could view the movie charlottes web, "ha ha" they do actually say what a group of baby spiders are as she lays her eggs but can not remember the answer for sure. sorry !!

What are baby turtles babies called?

BabyTurtles are called hatchlings . Baby turtles are born from eggs that the motherturtle lays in nests. . They're called hatchlings because they hatch fromthe eggs. Many animals like to eat baby turtles, so sometimes theirlives are very short.

Why are babies called blue babies?

The term "blue baby" is applied to a newborn born with a circulatory problem that results in a cyanotic blue coloration to the skin. This can be a sign that brain or organ damage may occur and is a life-threatening situation. Identified causes include -- congenital heart defects (tetralogy of fa ( Full Answer )

What do you call a guy when he calls you baby?

This completely depends on what you think of the man who is calling you that. If he is your boyfriend and you don't mind being called that as a term of endearment, then its entirely acceptable for you to like being called such a thing, and all you need to do is respond to whatever he was saying befo ( Full Answer )