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A baby oryx is called a calf.

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A baby oryx(s) are called calf(s).

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Q: What is a baby oryx called?
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How much does a baby oryx weigh?

the average baby oryx weighs in at about 4 kilos each hope it helped you (though i cant see why it would)

What is a group of oryx called?

Oryx is one of those cases that is vital, that involves professional attendance about

What is a female oryx called?


Where does oryx live?

where do oryx live

What is an Arabian oryx?

An Arabian oryx is a species of oryx, a form of antelope with characteristically straight horns, Latin name Oryx leucoryx.

What is a large antelope whose name ends in X called?


Is Arabian oryx is an reptile?

No. The oryx is a mammal.

Latin name for Arabian oryx?

Oryx leucoryx

What does an Oryx Beisa look like?

an oryx is a type of antelope.

Is a gemsbok a type of oryx?

Yes. A gemsbok is a type of oryx.

Do leopard eat oryx?

Yes , leopards take on oryx on any certain occasion . It is the predator of the scimitar horned oryx

What is a lifespan of a arabain oryx?

The arabain oryx can live up to 20 years

What eats oryx?

Oryx in Africa known predators are hyenas, lions, and African wild dogs. Arabian Oryx only known predators are humans.

What does Arabian oryx name mean?

the Arabian oryx name means (oryx means antelope!) that it is a white antelope just like scientific name

How does the Arabian Oryx adapt to its environment?

by telling mummy oryx to get the hell away from daddy oryx n to tell the kids too stop playing '

Antelope that often has nearly upright horns?

The oryx, also called gemsbok, may be what your looking for.

Which of these is a long-horned antelope from the dry areas in Africa and Asia?


How many babies do oryx have?

A female Oryx can calve in 9 months intervals, so she can birth 1 calf every 9 months. This is due to the Oryx females coming into heat almost directly after the birth a calf. The Oryx has single calf births.

What Name for small antelope beginning with O?

I think you mean Oryx.

What are baby raccoons called?

Baby raccoons are called kits.An baby raccoon is called a kitAn baby raccoon is called a kitAn baby raccoon is called a kitAn baby raccoon is called a kitKits

What is a baby cockerel called?

A baby cockerel is called a chicken. Think about it. A baby MAN is called a baby also a baby WOMAN is called a baby.

How many Arabian oryx are left in the world?

Sadly they are extinct due to hunting and unknown issues about drinking polluted water. Some scientists believe some are still alive but there is no evidence, none have been seen over the past decade and are considered extinct. Here is the story. In the 1st of October 2013, a scientist named John Bronhson discovered a baby Oryx and had a thought that this species had a second chance. Few helicopters were sent in search for these marvelous animals while the baby was taken to a wildlife zoo in Ras Al Khaimah, A dead carcass of a whole group of Oryx was found next to a polluted river with human chemicals in it. One Oryx survived and it was a baby who didn't drink water but drank it mother's milk. The scientists took the two babies hoping the population of the Oryx could rise again but, sadly, they were the same gender. They tried to breed them but it didn't work and one of them died. Hope this helped...

What is the national animal of Qatar?

The symbol of Qatar is the Oryx: a large white antelope with long straight horns.the oryxThe symbol of Qatar is the Oryx: a large white antelope with long straight horns.

What do Oryx eat?


What is the classification of an oryx?