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What is a bacholers degree?


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February 15, 2010 8:40AM

A Bachelor's Degree refers to any degree which is a BSc (Bachelor of Science) or BA (Bachelor of Arts) and so on. They are like most common degree level qualifications and often lead into higher qualifications such as MSc (Master of Science) or MA (Master of Arts). The Sc and A parts only refer to the content of the degree. Sc is more founded science and empirical evidence which suggests that its more difficult. A is less founded in science and relies more on theoretical and philosophical frameworks which do not require empirical evidence.

It is usually considered that an Sc is better because of its bases in scientific evidence. This suggests that a person with an Sc would stand a greater chance of getting the job when compared to a person with an A. This isn't always the case though as many qualifications don't offer an Sc and many jobs don't really require a scientific bases (although it may be good to have it).