What is a beardie?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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A beardy is a slang term for a person with a beard.

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A beardie is a slang term for a person with a beard.

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Q: What is a beardie?
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Can you get a bed for your beardie?

yes, I put a little piece of cushion in my beardie's tank andshe slept on it.

Can a bearded dragon missing a limb survive?

Yes, I had a beardie that was attacked by another beardie when small and didn't have it's left hind leg. That beardie lived a long and healthy life

What Wattage should the UVB fixture be for a beardie?

The wattage of the UVB fixture for a beardie should be 26 watt bulb.

Is it all right to put two different aged bearded dragons in the same tank?

it depends on their attitude. If they are mean they will probably hurt the other beardie. If they are nice then they wont hurt the other beardie.

How much should you feed your adualt beardie?

1000000000000 times a day

What should you name your bearded dragon?

Hey -well it totally up to you. If it was my beardie a boy -spike or wolverine. girl -bella or zoe. But it totally up to you,depending on what you like.You could even go wacky and call your beardie fluffy or cuddles.the main part is love,you gotta give your beardie alot of love and affection. Enjoy your beardie. I named mine MooShu... My first bearded dragon was named spike but i didnt know it was a girl and then i got a new one and named her honululu

Why say feed meal worm to your beardie then say you should not feed them to it?

I can think of no reason why you can't feed meal worms to your beardie (bird). Though a little now and then, alongside the normal diet, is probably best.

Can you spay a female beardie and how much would it cost to take it to the vet in barrie ON ferris lane in dollars?

You cannot spay a female beardie, and if you were to take it to the vet in barrie ON ferris lane, it would cost you $500.

How should you pick a bearded dragon?

Make sure your beardie knows your there by making slow movements and stroking it on its back do not scare your beardie then take your hand and pick it up from under its stomach and lift supporting its front and back legs. If your beardie starts to whip its tail just secure it a little more. this does not mean you are hurting it, This just means its trying to balance!

Is keeping leaves on branch safe for bearded dragons?

No. The beardie may eat them.

What if bearded dragons get water in their ears?

Water in the ears won't hurt your Beardie

Can a beardie with a missing limb survive to adult hood My juvenille beaed dragon has been being bulied by another beardie and has had an arm ripped off. Im just wondering if theres any chance?

yes , But keep them separated