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It is a farm full of bee hives or bee boxes, where you can get honey from

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Q: What is a bee farm?
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What is the name for bee farm?


What is another name for bee farm?

An apiary

What is the scientific name of bee farm?


Can bees live in a bee farm?

Yes. The purpose of a bee farm is to house a colony of bees so that collecting their honey might be made easier.

What is a bee farm called?

I think it is a hive - I believe that applies to an individual hive, or a farm of them.

What is the place were bees are kept?

a bee farm An apiary.

What you called a bee farm?

An apiary. A beekeeper is an apiarist.

What is the web address of the Bee Family Centennial Farm Museum in Fort Collins Colorado?

The web address of the Bee Family Centennial Farm Museum is:

What is the phone number of the Bee Family Centennial Farm Museum in Fort Collins Colorado?

The phone number of the Bee Family Centennial Farm Museum is: 970-482-9168.

Where can you observe a bee colony?

Often you can observe a colony of bee's at a farm. Farms often have beehives in order to polinate their crops.

Where is the Bee Family Centennial Farm Museum in Fort Collins Colorado located?

The address of the Bee Family Centennial Farm Museum is: 4320 E County Road 58, Fort Collins, CO 80524-9326

what is the best coin farm strategy in bee swarm sim?

just hax ;)

What is difference between apiary and apiary farm?

An apiary is just a collection of beehives. An apiary farm would be bee farming on a commercial scale.

How do you get rid of wasp fears?

Go to a bee farm put on a bee suit and let the bees fly all over you it should help with the wasp fear.

What is the place called where bees are raised and kept?

Beehive..Or if run by humans it may be referred to as a bee farm.

What has the author S Simmins written?

S. Simmins has written: 'A modern bee-farm and its economic management'

Are there any beekeepers in beaver county pa?

Mccormack Apiaries Raccoon Twp.Largest bee farm in Beaver county.

What type of business did T-Ray own in the Secret Life of Bee's?

T. Ray owned a Peach Farm.

What type of farm animals are seen in the Lake District?

There are a few different types of farm animals that can bee seen in the Lake District. Generally, there are many cows and horses. There are also goats and pigs.

Where can one buy supplies if they want to raise bees?

Specialist companies such as Man Lake Limited, Brushy Mountain bee farm and Dadant and Sons all sell specialist bee keeping supplies. Ebay is also a good place to purchase bee keeping supplies from.

When is a bee not a bee?

A bee is always a bee. Since birth a bee was a bee.

How much does it cost for indoor bee extermination?

Local bee keepers may remove them for nothing by taking the nest to their own farm or an exterminator may charge up to $700 depending on whether walls needs to be excavated.

How do you get a queen for your bee farm?

There are companies that will ship you some bees along with a queen. You could go to your local expert bee keeper (In the Utica NY area, John McDonald on Paris Hill Rd, Sauquoit) and ask them for queen bee advice, or you could hope that a swarm will enter you hive.

Who has a farm pet module on your Lego network?

miniclip-pro does and hes giveing away free apple butter t get the better bee

Can bumble bee honey be farmed?

Bumble bees do make honey, but only in small amounts. One colony may make up to a tablespoon of honey in a year. For this reason it is not a practical proposition to farm bumble bee honey.