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Female Butterflies may lay several hundred eggs in a lifetime.

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Q: What is a behavioral adaptation of a butterfly?
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What is the behavioral adaptation of butterfly?

to migrate or hibernate or to choose what thing it eats

What is a behavioral adaptation for a butterfly?

The Checkerspot butterfly learned to eat things other than white turtlehead.

Is a skunk's smell a physical adaptation or behavioral adaptation?

Behavioral adaptation

What is adaptation of hibernation?

Hibernation is a behavioral adaptation. A behavioral adaptation is when a animal changes its behavior.

What is the meaning of behavioral adaptation?

behavioral adaptation is an adaptation that helps an organism survive or reproduce

What is a behavioral adaptation of a Baltimore checkerspot butterfly?

One is they have short legs so they fly more often then walk.

How would you use behavioral adaptation in a sentence?

Our teacher explained behavioral adaptation in psychology class.Storing nuts for the winter is a behavioral adaptation. Most animals have some sort of behavioral adaptation to their environment.

What are the structural and behavioral adaptations of the Owl Butterfly?

The structural adaptation of the Owl Butterfly is a large spot on the wing that is used for camouflage. The behavior of this insect is usually very calm.

What is a behavioral adaptation of an octopus?

A behavioral adaptation is an octopus squirting its ink at its predators.

Is hibernation behavioral or physical adaptation?

it is a behavioral adaptation because it is doing it EX. a bear hibernates :-)

Is swimming a physical or behavioral adaptation?

It is a behavioral adaptation. You are changing how you behave. Not how your body looks.

What is a behavioral adaptation of algae?

Algae do not have behavioral adaptations.

What type of adaptation is hibernation?

hibernation is a behavioral adaptation

Is camouflage a structural or behavioral adaptation?

structural adaptation

What type of adaptation is being nocturnal?

A behavioral adaptation

What is a gray squirrel behavioral adaptation?

the behavioral adaptation for a gray squirrel is that is can blend in with gray or dull surroundings...

How can you use behavioral adaptation in a sentence?

This has led to several/one notable behavioral adaptation(s) in... or.. nope

What is a behavioral adaptation of a trumpeter swan?

I think a behavioral adaptation is their aggressiveness, which they use to protect themselves and their young.

What is the difference between behavioral and structural adptation?

Compare and contrast caterpillar structural and behavioral adaptation. Structural adaptation is the change in the physical state and behavioral adaptation is the change in it's behavior,they have changes

Is breeding a behavioral adaptation?


A behavioral adaptation of a hawk?

an behavioral of a hawk is that it can be very sleekly

Is camouflage a physical adaptation or a behavioral adaptation?


What are behavioral adaptation?

Behavioral adaptation are those made in response to environmental changes. Behavioral adaptations are a means of survival, normally learned by watching the elders of the group.

Can adaptation be both behavioral and stuctural?

Yes, adaptation can be both behavioral and structural. Adapting to any environment or change automatically revolves around behavioral changes. Whether structured or informal, adaptation simply has no choice.

What are structural and behavioral adaptations?

A structural adaptation is something that helps an animal or person to meet its needs and a behavioral adaptation is what you do or an animal does.