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There is nothing called a "birdie" in Bowling. There is however a "turkey" which is to bowl three consecutive strikes in a game.

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What sport could you score a birdie on?

Either bowling,swimming,tennis,or golf

What are the lyrics to bye bye birdie?

Birdie Birdie, sitting on my shelf, Birdie Birdie, falling off my shelf, Birdie Birdie hitting the floor, Birdie Birdie is no more

What nicknames does Birdie Sawyer go by?

Birdie Sawyer goes by Birdie.

Birdie was going where in the Play Bye Bye Birdie?

In the play Bye Bye Birdie, Conrad Birdie is leaving to go into the Army.

What is the official name for a birdie?

In golf, it is a birdie. In badminton, the birdie is officially called a "shuttlecock".

What is the thing that you hit the triangle with called?

A Birdie ka ka ka ka like a birdie...birdie

Why do you need good cardiovascular endurance in badminton?

Yes, because you need to get the Birdie, to hit the birdie, and to jump to get the Birdie.

What are sayings in the sport of badminton?

Watch the Birdie! Watch the Birdie!

What is the correct term for birdie?

Birdie is the widely accepted term.

When did Birdie Amsterdam die?

Birdie Amsterdam died in 1996.

When was Birdie Amsterdam born?

Birdie Amsterdam was born in 1901.

When was The Birdie Song created?

The Birdie Song was created in 1981.

What animal group does an ostrich belong to?

flightless birdieflightless birdie

How many pages does Look at the Birdie have?

Look at the Birdie has 256 pages.

What is the ISBN of Look at the Birdie?

The ISBN of Look at the Birdie is 978-0385343718.

What does a birdie mean in golf?

A birdie is always one stroke below a par. Say when a par is a score of 4, that means a birdie is a score of 3. Then if a par is a score of 5, then a birdie is a score of 4. And then you get the idea.!!

What is a birdie in golf?

A birdie is a hole played one stroke under par.

When was Birdie Tebbetts born?

Birdie Tebbetts was born on November 10, 1912.

What is Birdie Tebbetts's birthday?

Birdie Tebbetts was born on November 10, 1912.

When did Birdie Cree die?

Birdie Cree died on 1942-11-08.

When was Birdie Cree born?

Birdie Cree was born on 1882-10-23.

When was Birdie Kim born?

Birdie Kim was born on 1981-08-26.

When was Birdie Reeve Kay born?

Birdie Reeve Kay was born in 1907.

When did Birdie Reeve Kay die?

Birdie Reeve Kay died in 1996.

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