What is a black spider with a white spot on back?


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Sounds like a jumping spider.

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black spider with white dot

The black spider with one white spot on its back is known as the Daring Jumping Spider. They are considered slightly dangerous with their bite.

The black widow is a spider that is black in color and has a red spot on its back. The red spot is in the shape of an hour glass and they are very venomous.

bold jumper spiderI believe you meant 1/2 inch...or the Daring Jumping Spider...

The bold jumper spider is a common jumping spider found all over North America. The spider is black with a white, orange or red triangular spot on its abdomen.

Just last night I saw another black spider in my house with a white spot on its back. I went to smack it with a shoe and all its babies were everywhere.What kind of spider could that be?

It's most likely the common "Daring jumping spider," Phidippus audax. It's completely harmless.

it is called a redback spider. they are the most deadlyest spider in the world

Yes it is a poisonous arachanid.

it could be the red back spider but that depends on where you are hope that helps

Some type of insect with 6 legs a black or orange spot on it's back and is problly a spider...

There are a number of bugs that have a black body and orange or brownish spot on it's back. This could be a spider.

A common black spider with a red spot on its back is the Jumping Spider. It is somewhat fuzzy. The Jumping Spider is about 1/8 - 3/4 inches long, very hairy, stocky built, and short-legged. The markings are diverse among its many species. Some are black with spots of orange or red on the back. At first site some fear it to be a Black Widow Spider. The Black Widow, however, has a red hourglass shape underneath on the belly and has longer legs.The difference in the Jumping Spider that I found in my home is that the orange marks near the face are lacking and the white spot on the back is a red spot.This answer is based on searching the Internet to find out what kind of spider was visiting my desktop.

A short, squat black spider that jumps and has a red spot on its back is probably a red-backed jumping spider. These are common in the Pacific Northwest, including Vancouver Island.

I live in Golden Valley and I too found a black spider. It has the shape of a common house funnel type spider or even a grass spider. To me it looks really skinny. I just cannot get over black (charcoal) color it is all over.

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