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There doesn't seem to be real name for a blacksmith's hammer. (At least I have not found any specific names for it....)

As a blacksmith, one of the most common hammers I use is called a cross pein. The other is a ball pein. Some companies will call a cross pein hammer a blacksmith hammer.

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At a Smith, Forge, or anywhere they have access to a furnace, and anvil and a hammer.

Blacksmiths used a large array of tools, but the ones you hear about most are the forge, bellows, anvil, hammer, and tongs.

Blacksmiths did not use weapons, but they made weapons by heating up metal to make it malleable and then hit it with a hammer to shape the weapon.

A black will use a hammer to make other tools or nails

Walk by the blacksmiths and you get a cutscene with Owen (or 'Ose')

A claw hammer is used for pulling nails and is most commonly used by a carpenter or other wood workers A pien hammer is used by blacksmiths, mechanics and other metal workers.

Because it was his specialty and he was the greek god of fire and the blacksmith of the immortals

The dwarves were famous blacksmiths in Norse Mythology. They forged Thor's hammer.

He was the god of forgers, those often being blacksmith and inverters in the Greek era.

Nobody knows for sure. But since Hephaestus is the god of blacksmiths, forges and etc., you could probably infer that he uses a hammer cause blacksmith people usually use hammer as their tool.

Because forged iron comes out black after being heated in a coal fire.

A blacksmiths furnace is called the bellows

Metal smiths; like blacksmiths. Men that had fire, anvil, and a hammer at their disposal.

The word Forge rings a bell but i think people just call it the blacksmiths <><><> The Smithy

Blacksmiths make implements from metal, from farm tools like horseshoes and hoes, to weapons like swords and axes. Mostly they used iron, but modern blacksmiths use whichever metal best suits what they are making. They usually hammer the metal while it is very hot so it can be shaped easily.

An "anvil" is a piece of iron that blacksmiths used to hammer swords, if it is what you mean...

No. A blacksmith uses hammers to shape iron and steel, if you use a hammer on a glass then it will break.

the metal part of a hammer is called the "Head"

Either a blacksmith's smithy or a blacksmith's shop.

Amy Rose's hammer is called the Piko Piko Hammer.

A 'maul' or a 'sledge hammer'.

The striking side of a modern carpenter's hammer is called the head.

blacksmiths ate meat.]

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