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What is a blizzard warning?

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A blizzard warning means that winds may be up to 35 miles an hour. It also means that there will be periods of heavy snow for at least 3 hours or longer.

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What are warning signs for a blizzard?

Hmm it can be different maybe news? People screaming about warning?

What is a severe weather warning?

A severe weather warning is wen extreme weather is reported. Examples: * Snow storm * Ligntning storm A severe weather warning is when meteorologists predict extreme weather. Examples: * Blizzard * Flash flood

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How much snow you are getting in the Bronx today?

The Bronx is under a blizzard warning for about a foot of snow through tonight, with that snow blowing around a lot in the strong wind.

How Much snow will fall in Boston tonight?

Boston is under a blizzard warning for strong winds and heavy snow through monday morning. 12-16" is expected currently.

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