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The temperature of the body (normally 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

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2010-02-06 20:48:05
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Q: What is a body temperature?
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What is the body temperature when your body fails?

When a body fails (Dies) the body temperature will decrease until it reaches the temperature of the atmosphere in which it is in.

What is the body temperature of a jellyfish?

the body temperature is water.

How homeostasis of body temperature is achieved in your body?

how homoeostasis of body temperature is achieved in our body

What body temperature does an ant have?

The ant's body temperature is according to place's temperature.

Difference between core temperature and surface temperature of human body?

The core temperature is the internal temperature of the body and the surface temperature is the outside of the body temperature e.g., skin.

Do fish have a changing body temperature?

Yes, fishes body temperature changes. Fishes body temperature changes to whatever the water temperature is.

Another name for normal body temperature?

Another name for normal body temperature is core body temperature.

Are you sick if your body temperature is 97.6?

No you are not sick at body temperature 97.6 you are sick at body temperature 98.6 and over

How does the outside temperature affect the body temperature?

The outside temperature affects the body temperature because it the body temperature will try to regulate itself. For example, if the temperature outside is cold, the body will generate heat as much as possible to maintain a core temperature.

What my body temperature?

Your average body temperature is 98.6 degrees

How does your body temperature get maintained?

Your body temperature is regulated by the hypothalamus.

Does a koala have a changing body temperature?

no they do not have changing body temperature.

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