What is a branch transit number?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What is a branch transit number?
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Branch transit number list scotia Jamaica?

Here are the transit numbers for Scotiabank's Jamaica locations. Frankfield- Transit #: 00125a, May Pen-Transit #: 30205, Christiana- Transit #: 00125, Park Crescent - Transit #: 50195a, and Mandeville- Transit #: 50195. Hope this helps.

Is RBC Banque Royale transit number same as branch code?

no one is the branch

What number is the Branch number at the bottom of cheques?

The bank number, your account number and your check number. There should also be a bank transit number? I am trying to provide this information to another institution but am unsure which number is which: Institution number, Transit number and Account number.

Where can i get my rbc transit and branch numbers online?

You can get your RBC transit and branch numbers online at

What is the cc code for TD Canada trust bank?

The Common Canadian (CC) Code for TD Canada Trust Bank is a combination of the Bank Code/Financial Institution Number and the Branch Transit Number. 004 is the Bank Code for the bank. Check with your banking branch for the transit number.

What is a rbc bank transit number?

A bank transit number is a number on a check or other transaction that identifies the financial institution. The transit number for RBC is 063216608.

What is the clearing code of TD Canada Trust Bank?

It is 004 (for paper transfer) or 0004 (for e transfer) + your bank branch's transit number (5 digits, the 2nd number on your cheque)

What is swift code for TD Canada Trust at Queen and Spadina?

Tdomcatttor - swift code for td Canada trust

What is the routing transit number for Wells Fargo Georgia?

the routing transit number of GA is 061000227.

What is the transit number for Bank of America Toronto?

B of A in Toronto is only a corporate office- not a bank- hence no transit number......

Where do i find the bank transit number?

The transit number is the same as the routing number, which is usually the set of nine digits found on the bottom left of a personal check.

What is the phone number of the Michigan Transit Museum in Mount Clemens Michigan?

The phone number of the Michigan Transit Museum is: 586-463-1863.