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Their are two bridge found in motherboard the north bridge and the south bridge.

North bridge found near the CPU and south bridge found near the BIOS.

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Q: What is a bridge in the motherboard?
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What controls the communication and interaction between the components on a motherboard?

north and south bridge of a motherboard

What bridge controls the high speed communications portion of the motherboard bus system?

north bridge

Where is the graphic card located on the motherboard?

If i am not mistaken i believe the Video Card is run off of the North Bridge of the motherboard.

What is the function of motherboard south bridge?

Is a chip that implements the "slower" capabilities of the motherboard in a northbridge/southbridge chipset computer architecture.

Which component on the motherboard usually house the Ide connectors?

South Bridge

What motherboard slot has direct access to the North Bridge?

Primary PCIe slot

What are the functions of north bridge and south bridge in a motherboard?

The north bridge controls pci, pci express, agp, and other cards, and south bridge controls the drives and onboard devices.

What is the purpose of the north bridge in the motherboard?

North bridge connects the processor, memory and video card. South bridge connects all the peripherals whether it is connected using USB, ISA, and PCI connector. Note. South Bridge is also connected to north bridge

Does the Sandy Bridge chipset family use two chipset housings on the motherboard or a single chipset housing?

the sandy bridge chipset uses a single chipset housing

Explain General flow of an operating system?

Input Device (mouse) sent through the motherboard -> Processor -> RAM -> South Bridge -> North Bridge -> Graphic interface (video card)

What does the miotherboard do?

In computing, the motherboard is the main circuit in your computer. It houses all of your computer's hardware components and creates a bridge for them to be connected.

What is the main circuit board of the system unit?

That would be the motherboard. The motherboard controls and holds all components that tells the computer what to do. So components like CPU, HDD, SSD, South/North bridge etc.

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