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What is a browning 1959 sweet sixteen shotgun that has never been fired worth?


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If your sweet sixteen is unfired and having 100% of its original finish remaining,the value will be as follows.A plain barrel shotgun is worth 1,075 dollars.A solid matte rib barrel model will be 1,650 dollars,and a vent rib barrel model will bring 2,100 dollars.

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BAR- 300 dollars Never fired BAR- 400 dollars Having a BAR in the event of a break in- Priceless 2ND AMENDMENT

Sorry, there never was a Sweet 16 that started with the letter "K".

Your question is confusing to say the least. 1. Winchester never made a "Sweet Sixteen"... that distinction belongs the Browning. 2. What do you mean by "original instructions"?

Approximate value is in the 1250.00 to 1500.00 range IF it is in pristine condition.

Browning never made a Model 51 shotgun.

AFAIK they never made a bolt action shotgun

Which Limited Edition do you have? More information is required. Provide serial number if possible

the price I am going to give is for a standard model b-2000.This is going for 425 dollars new and unfired.

Check and see if your serial number prefix is 8S,not Ss.If that is the case,then your Browning sweet sixteen model auto-5 shotgun was made in the year 1968.Browning has never used the prefix of Ss on it,s shotguns.

I would like to start out with I have never seen a Browning serial number as described by you.Are we sure that you have a Browning 16ga shotgun,or another made shotgun that may have used Browning,s patent?I must admit that I have never seen a straight stocked Browning shotgun or heard of one in my many years of collecting firearms.

The correct model designation is Browning Auto-5 "Sweet Sixteen" and the serial number is 71S7136. If in absolutely new-in-the-box condition value will be solidly over $1500. I am looking for one is it for sale?

The only model that Browning made that comes close to your question is the model B-80.These range in price from 230-300 dollars.As far as my research indicates,Browning never has produced a model 8 shotgun.

100-1000 depending on specifics

Browning never made a .410 automatic shotgun. Autos were made in 12, 16, and 20 guages. They did however make 410's in over/unders. auto5man

Browning never used the prefix letter B on any of there shotgun,s serial numbers.

100-10000 USD depending on specifics.

All my research indicates that browning never offered the auto-5 shotgun in .410 gauge.

If you are willing to supply the serial number to your shotgun?I could give you the date of manufacture.If you are willing to supply the amount of blueing remaining and original wood finish I can supply you with a close estimate as to the value of your sweet-sixteen auto-5 shotgun. Hi, serial #is S 38378 and as far as blueing goes... gun has never been fired and looks to be in like new shape. thanks CJ

I acquired a Mossberg 500 AG shotgun. It has never been fired and might be 10 years old. What is the value?

Browning never used the letter B prefix for any of there shotguns serial numbers.

Not enough info on the serial number. Browning never produced a sweet 16 with that number. Does it have an alpha above it or preceding the 9506?

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