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okay, get some soap, a bowl,and some water. mix the soap and water in the bowl.(dawn would be the best soap) blow through the middle gently and...........BEHOLD!!! A BUBBLE!!!!!!!!!! this is the worst answer ever!!!!

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What is the name of a bubble?

the name of a bubble is a bubble!

What bubble gum is is better bubble yum or double bubble?

Double bubble!

What is throwing a bubble?

throwing a bubble means to blow a bubble normally in a bubble gum

Which expression is equivalent to b b b b?

bubble bubble bubble bubble

The name of the ''bubble''?

the name of the ''bubble'' is the menicus

What bubble gum produces the biggest bubble?

Bubble tape

What are good titles for bubble gum?

Super Bubble Mega Chew Bubble Bubble Brust Double Bubble Mega Bubble Chewie Chew Gum Super Sweet Yummy Gummy

What is the worlds biggest bubble gum bubble?

Jupiter's the biggest bubble

Can you put a bubble inside a bubble?

No or else the first bubble will pop, and how will you get it in there?

Is a bubble bath a chemical reactions?

No, a bubble bath is a bubble bath.

Which bubble gum flavor lasts longest dubble bubble or super bubble?

Salutations,The answer to your question is........Dubble Bubble

What are the after effects of sinkholes?

bubble but bubble bubble bubble but turn ariund stick up let me see it work

How do you Bubble on Blockland?

As an admin, if you want to bubble, press F7 to turn into the bubble and then F8 to teleport to the location of your bubble.

Why is saying bubble so addicting?

saying "bubble" is addicting because it's a very random, funny word to say, and if you say it to much, you can not stop! That is why I LOOOVE saying "bubble bubble bubble bubble"!

When was Music for 'Bubble' created?

Music for 'Bubble' was created in 2005.

How long does a soap bubble last?

how long does a soap bubble last? a soap bubble last 45miniutes how long does a soap bubble last? a soap bubble last 45miniutes

What type of bubble brand blows the biggest bubble?

i say that its between hubbie bubble and duoble bubble because they blow the biggest bubble out of all they gum ii tasted.

What is the bubble in a leveler called?

The bubble.

Can you float on a bubble gum bubble?


Is time a bubble?

!...No Time Is Not a Bubble...!

What type of bubble gum was used to blow the biggest bubble?

The gum used to blow the biggest bubble is supposedly Bubble Yum. !

How do you take a bubble bath?

bubble bath solution + running water = bubble bath

Who was the bubble boy in the movie bubble boy?

The bubble boy was actor john travolta

How do you blow a bubble gum bubble?

Chew some bubble gum then exhale, perhaps?

What kind of gum will make the biggest bubble the 5 or bubble gum?

it will be bubble gum.