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the bully is a shorter stockier version of the pitbull. They arent as much game dogs as the pitbull is

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Q: What is a bully pitbull?
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Is a bully a pitbull?

half pitbull half bulldog

What dog can beat a pitbull?

I think bully kutta.

Can you breed a bully pitbull with a American pitbull?

You can breed any dog with another dog.

What is a triple x bully pitbull?

I have seen pictures in the internet and these dogs look like a pitbull but are wider and shorter.

What is a gotty pit bull?

That is a bloodline of the American Bully breed of dog, Not a bloodline of the American Pitbull terrier. The American Bully and the American Pitbull Terrier are two different breeds of dogs.

Is razorback pitbull the same as a bully pitt?

They are bullies therefore not pitbulls.

How good is the watchdog bloodline?

Any bully line are not good as a real pitbull.

What two pitbulls would you need to get a bully breed pitbull?

You would not get a bully breeding a pair of pitbulls. If you want a bully, buy one in a kennel. It would easier and less costly to breed them on your own.

Is a bully pit pitbull mix with bulldog?

Most bully mix are. Some are small, and some are large because some bulldog breeds are large like the American bulldog.

Is a brown and dark striped pitbull a razor edge bully?

That is a color referred to as brindle. It does not denote a specific line

Can you breed a gottiline pitbull with a razors edge pitbull?

You can breed any kind of dog. What you want are results. Anyway you will get nice and tough looking pups but those are not Pit bull. You will get what they call a bully.

What is the difference between pitbull and American bully?

If you are talking about looks, the bullies are shorter and stocky or biger and wider. If you are taking about performance, pitbull were bred for stamina, courage and a stable temperament. Bullies were bred for looks.

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