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What is a burrahobbit?

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read the book "The Hobbit" and you will find out that Bilbo didn't mean to say it at all he almost said burglar but quickly changed it to hobbit so it came out burrahobbit

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Who is William in The Hobbit?

One of the three trolls who are interested in cooking 11 dwarves and a burrahobbit.

What was Bilbo Baggin's nickname in The Hobbit?

* Burglar Bilbo * Mister Baggins * The Baggins * Ringwinner * Luckwearer * Barrel-rider Thief * Barrel-rider * Thief Barrel-rider * Bilbo the Magnificent * Bilbo Baggins Esquire * Mr. Bilbo Baggins * Belladonna Took's son * Mr. Baggins of Bag-End, Under-Hill * Expert Treasure-hunter * Mr. Lucky Number * Thief in the Shadows * Mr. Invisible Baggins * estimable Mr. Baggins * excellent and audacious hobbit * our friend and fellow conspirator * the chosen and selected burglar * our little Bilbo Baggins * burglar-expert * burrahobbit * Poor little blighter * wretched little hobbit * not a bad little chap * my friend * first-class burglar * little bunny * Bullroarer's gentler descendant * Excitable little fellow * little fellow * the clue-finder * the web-cutter * the stinging fly * he that walks unseen * he that buries his friends alive and drowns them and draws them alive again from the water * elf-friend and blessed * the friend of bears * the guest of eagles

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